Thursday, August 31, 2006

Morning Glories

I am not one to spend alot of money on seeds but I saw this package of seeds at the local Co-op and they were something I had not seen. I gave them my $3.00 plus tax and went home to plan my treasure.

I opened the package and there were only 6 seeds. I thought what a rip off.

I planted them and when they started to bloom, Mimi and I would go out each morning and count the number of blooms we had.

Each year I save all the seeds and give them to friends and plant lots of them for our enjoyment. Yesterday, we had thirty blooms which is the most we have ever had. Those deep purple flowers with the white rim are a true delight each morning.

The kitty justice is I will have lots of seeds to give away this year.

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Corn Dog said...

Beautiful picture!