Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Name

Some may wonder why I chose kitty justice. I love finding names of real people to use. As I was reading an antique cookbook of my eighty-seven year old Mother In Law's I came across kitty justice. I started laughing as I have a wild imagination. Mimi wanted to know what was so funny.

When I told her she informed me that this nice southern lady had worked at the thrift shop and was a tall blonde. She had been gone from this world for a long long time.

All I could think of was a tall female cat standing on her back legs with a long cigarette holder in her gloved hand. Kitty Justice would make the best cartoon character and she could take a job and always say "This is a job for Kitty Justice".

Now owners of cats will understand my view of kitty justice as nothing is worse than to have your cat get even with you for some wrong they think you have committed.

Kitty justice is worse than Kat Fuzzies or Kat Hairs.

I have started drawing Kitty and hope to put her on the blog for all to see. She will be a very pretty cat with thropy feathers in her hat.

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