Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Walnut Trees

The two eighty foot trees out back of the house are loosing their leaves. They are the first ones on the hill to lose their leaves. The green round missles are still hanging on awaiting the first real wind to losen them so they can come tumbling down upon any object in their way. Dogs, heads, cars, grass just whatever is in their path.

I always dread their arrival on ground. No matter where you put your foot to take a step you will suddenly be jerked down and if lucky will only land on your good intentions. I have seen so many videos of people rolling down hills that it plays over and over in my mind as I step unto those round orbes of mess. Yes, mess because the skin of the orbe will stain anything it touches and you cannot get the stain out . On those commericals for all the super cleaner they should use walnut stains not blood or wine.

Oh, those majestic trees with the lowest limb a good thirty feet. They were made for only squirrels to climb and an occasional bird to rest upon. From a distance they look like giant toothpicks with the jolley green giants' green peas attached.

I have never met a tree I did not like not even the ones who spread terror on the ground for those of us to tread.

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