Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Giant Task

This is the time of year that we have to spray, clean and trim the house plants that we drug outside the beginning of spring so we can bring them back inside. It is a giant task but not as big as previous years. A few years back I had 175 plants. No joke. Then I reduced it to 150 and the last year I got it to 100 and now it is only 75 or 80.

When I take the plants out in the spring I cut them back in order for them to get new growth in the summer. If I cut back a plant I can root the trimmings and I do . This year it was the purple jew that was so prolific. From one pot I produced five. I gave away one to Mz. Ann and I have another promised to Dr. Hollidays nurse. Since I need only one that leave an extra 2.

Out front under the hickory tree and the corner of the house I have 30 and one is a huge plant. There are other huge ones downstairs under the holly trees. I went by St. Lukes and carried the girls six of my aloe plants I had rooted and asked if they would like my giant plants. Yes, they do and when Puppy comes home from college we will load them up and take them to them. I am just tooooo old to continue dragging them in and out. I also plan to take a few of my other multiples to them also.

Well I am off to spray the ones out front and wash a few more pots and saucer. I will keep my lemon and orange trees but the other giant plants who are a good 4 feet by 3 feet will be taken to a new home.

The kittyjustice is that just maybe I will get back to 75 or less to take care of this winter.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Unknown Cousin

Mimi who is the cutest little silver headed 87 year old southern lady you will ever meet was checking out the obituraries in the local news( a morning habit) when she spied someone and she began to read aloud the particulars. Come to find out she is the sister of Pukka.

As the flood of time began to flow from her memory she gave us an ancestor lesson. Here is how it goes and please try to keep up. Her Grandmother on her fathers side had a sister who married this nice southern doctor. The nice doctor and her Uncle, the Grandmother's middle son, for whom my Prince and Puppy are named after were in practice together in the late 1800's and early 1900's. We southern like to name our children after their ancestors as a tribute and our love for them.

The nice doctor had a son who also became a doctor and we have his correspondence to Uncle from New York in the 1890.They are hard to read as they are all about the daily grind of an intern. The son of the nice doctor married this really nice southern belle from Jackson, Ms. Mimi said she was a true southern lady and was a grand cook. Each Christmas she would bring Uncle a white coconut fruit cake and if the cousins have kept the receipe they could make millions. The son and the southern belle had a son whom they named Jr. and Jr. became the proud Papa of 2 sons and 2 daughters. One of the sons is a third and the other the baby of the family and the girl who died went to high school with Prince's sister and when he read the obituary, he had gone to grade school with the living sister's husband and had his picture made with her for a costume party that was printed in the local paper in the 50's. The wife of Jr would bring all four children over when one was in need of seeing Uncle who was a children's doctor and as he took care of the sick one the others would go out in the yard and play. There were swings that they tried to touch the sky with their toes and only the trees and buildings can attest to all the fun and games they had and it is my guess Prince was right in there with them having fun.

Now the first time I met Pukka I came home and told Mimi who was on the board and she said he is a cousin. If there is any thing better than coffee, it is history for Kitty. So I begged a history lesson. You know all the holes in Nashville's history could be patched up with all the knowledge she has in her cute little head. The next time I saw Pukka I called him Cousin and his eye brows rose high and he was concerned how Kitty could possibily be a cousin. I gave him a quick short version of the tale I had been told.

Now it only goes to prove we are all just on the rope to the anchor of life and each little drop of water on the rope is a historical fact joined together by us creatures.

My Grandfather who was the first love of my life was a farmer and he raised rabbits to eat. Don"t worry Pukka I do not eat rabbits now. But the kittyjustice is that we are Cousins even though only by marriage and 3 times removed.

My heart goes out to that big Pukka as he has lost a sister, our cousin that I never knew, but I hope he cherrish all the good memories of her between those lop ears. She was only 59. My eyes grow misty for Pukka.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Shamrocks

I went outside and the purple shamrock in the lower right had been placed in a very cheap black plastic pot like the ones you get flowers in at a garden center.

Mimi said it was like that yesterday. The good pot is broken. Now as you can see the pot had a low center of gravity therefore not easily toppled. I do not know when, why or how it happen but I am due a new pot. The beautiful scene now looks rather tacky.

I guess Kitty should be thankful that the plant was saved and not discarded with the broken pot.

Now back to the previous story, the board meeting. I need to clarify that Mr. Fox is the Board Director and the Facility Director is another tale. If you saw Mr. Bubbles, the Facility Director, on the street you would swear he was a Professor or some long hair symphony performer. Mr. Bubbles ambles instead of walking and he forever wears a vest under his jacket and over his shirt. He is from up across the northern state line but hey you are now in the south and cannot be that cold. His skin is so white he could pass as an albino if his eyes were pink however, they are a soft hazel color. He is always quick to smile and make you feel like he enjoys seeing you. Mr. Bubbles is a peoples creature and his quick wit and knowledge make you as comfortable as if you had just slipped on a pair of old shoes. His silver mang is streaked with the dark color of his youth and it is long and wavey. When he plays in his band it probably flips over the front of his face like a conductor keeping time to the beat of the music. His physic belies the many diet dr peppers he drinks. His voice is so soft and low that it tends to hum and you have to pinch yourself ever so often to keep awake.

Miss M is so childlike that she sits on her knees or with her legs crossed in the chair. This makes her intelligence go unnoticed by the some of the stiff backs in the meeting. There are several Barbee want ta be and then there is one of my favorites. Lady Z is so comfortable in her own skin that she comes dressed ready for the next activity. My first board meeting I had dressed for painting class but wore a very nice sweater to be changed before class and in came Lady Z in a jogging suit. I liked her right away and henceforth have followed her lead to dress for the next activity.

My Mother, who by the way only had an eighth grade education which would be frown on by some was a very wise woman. Here are a few of her words to live by:

1. You are not better than anyone else and no one is better than you.

2. Do not ask someone else to do something you are not willing to do.

3. There will always be someone richer, prettier and smarter than you but if you have good manners you will make a good impression.

4. Last but not least, Treat people the way you wish to be treated.

So the kitty justice is that a wise woman with only an eighth grade education could teach some college grads some good lessons.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Board Meeting

Kitty was there on time awaiting the rest of the boarders (yeehaw) to arrive and of course I had a cup of coffee brewed at home to accompany me. I found my name and sat down to watch all the other critters come in.

First, Twirlie came frazzled into the plain unassuming meeting room. The only thing on the wall is a clock. How I would love to bring my paints and fix the place up so at least it would not look so sterile. Since January I have had to endure this plain dull room. If nothing else they could frame some of the kids art work to display. Back to Twirlie, she always proudly announces she is bringing coffee from home as what they have in stock is not up to standards. May the coffee gods bless her.

Twirlie continues going in and out, in and out each time making another statement different from the other. I guess her brain moves as fast as her body. Young people are forever twinking our cat hairs.

Into the room lumbers the Pukka. His ears do not stand up like Harvey's because he is a lop ear Pukka. He is in his work uniform which are docker and a long sleeve red plaid shirt. Almost on his heels the Director, Mr. Fox appears. Each one heads for the coffee that Twirlie has made. Mr. Fox does not walk but strolls in with a gliding motions that only his kind can achieve. He is happy for the cool weather and announces he is really more comfortable in his starched shirts now that the weather is cool. He has deep brown eyes that seem to look beyond the other critters to try and read their thoughts. His hair is long for a fox of his age but still dark with few silver streaks if any. When he conducts the meetings he wears his reading glasses down on his nose to better observe the other creatures. He provides all of us with a sense of security and that we truly matter, but as most fox I am sure he can gobble you up before you can even say "Gingerbread Man". Snip Snap.

When Fox announced he was happy to be back in his strached shirts, Pukka languished that he missed his power suits when he was an advisor. He let his guard down and told us he wanted a new wardrobe and he loved dressing in power suits and felt a sense of not being in charge when he had meetings in dockers. I just wanted to shake him and say "Don't you know clothes do not make the man?" I just hope he does not suffer from Walter Mitty disease. When he made the new wardrobe comment I immediately had Arnold pop in my mind yelling "Girlie Man". In all my years, I have never heard any male make that statement.

I am running short of time as the Art Venture Group goes out to play today and I am so lucky to be included with these 23 other talented and I do MEAN TALENTED ladies, so more on the board later. .

Saturday, September 16, 2006

In a Nutshell

This week has been rather hectic and I have had to travel more in those mobile contraptions and I have even named mine, it is called the Silver Bullet. Now I hope you do not think I drive tooooo fast due to the name but it does look like a silver bullet in motion.

Not only did I drive alot but I had to do alot of STANDING and both have a tendency to make the ole back get out of whack. The history on the back is that in 1997 after a whole year of constant pain, I went to see this amazing doctor and he found out that L 5 was not attached thus he inserted rods and screws. Before I located this wonderful doctor, I was told by Dr. Quack that it was "all in my head". He was a true pill pusher and I lost a whole year of my life due to him. I am still finding thinks I put away while on his meds.

Back to this week, we had to go to Smith County to put my Aunt six feet under. It was a rainy day and as we stood under the tent, the wind began to blow and at first I thought the tent might take off like Mary Poppin's umbrella. Her 3 daughter were now orphan just like we had become last September. She did not last a whole year after Dad died. They were a cute little ole pair of siblings. He could not cook and she could not drive so they spent lots of time together. They lived only a couple of miles apart and would call each others at least 3 times a day. Now there are only 2 left and I am not close to either of them. It is like Dad's family was blown away with the wind and rain as they laid Aunt to rest.

I also spent 2 days at the thrift shop which gives ALL its profits to a charity that takes care of children. We are able to do this by having a full volunteer staff and excellent donations from the public. We all work hard but we can all go down the street and revel in our efforts because we can see first hand what our hard work accomplishes. That was 2 days of standing not to mention all the standing at the funeral and grave.

After the funeral, the next day I had good news to give to the sub committee meeting and wanted to show up and share the news,but when I went to start the silver bullet and nothing happen. Yikes !!! I would be late. Luckily, Prince's truck was here so I jumped in it and I do mean jump as it is a 4 wheel drive and very high off the ground and made it to the meeting well before time. I thought it was at 8 but it was at 8:30. Again I sat around tooooo long. Now I do really good if I keep moving. I just cannot stay in one position toooooo long.

I really enjoy going to those type of meetings as I can let my imagination run wild as I people watch and listen. Not one of them is amuned to my the musing of Kitty's wild imagination. Some I am sure would laugh but others might wear their feelings on their sleeves and get upset with my musings.

Afterwards, I stopped by the thirft shop as it is so close and if I am in the neighborhood I like to check on the volunteers as they are the heart beat of the whole operation. I found out we were missing some volunteers due to sickness and other problems so I put out an urgent call for a desperate need for this day.

Today, I get to worry about Prince aka The Dog riding his mobile throne attacking the weeds on the enchanted farm. I love the hillsides but not when he is on his throne, the massey ferguson. At that time I wish I could be like a genie and wiggle my nose and make the hills into flat land. He just loves being out there and the results are just marvelous.

Yesterday afternoon, I caught up with Nephew and requested he clean the windows out front and if you ask he always will help out and do whatever needs to be done. I cannot hold it againist him that he is an Alabama graduate. My blood will always be orange.

I had thought my one and only Puppy would be going to Alabama but at the last moment he asked to go to a wonderful University right here in town. So far, Puppy has come home each night and has dinner with us and plays his games. I know it is only a matter of time that this will change so Kitty is enjoying each and every night her Puppy comes home. He does go back to the dorm each night to sleep which the ladies at the shop think is really funny.

The kitty justice is that I will get 2 days of rest instead of just one this weekend.

Next week watch out as Kitty will hit the ground running.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Legal Loan Sharks

I am so mad my claws will not retrack. Kitty plans to get on her soap box. So beware. If you are not a fan of the soap box stop reading now.

For years I have watched these shops go into every strip mall that is built. Now the news reports they are targeting our soliders. It is bad enough they target the poor and immigrants but now our SOLIDERS!!!!!!!!

These legal sharks who use to hide in the mob, are loaning people money and charging over 300 per cent interest. Now if our Government had the balls to really hand out some kitty justice, they first need to shut those businesses (I use that term loosely) down and then make them repay the interest Or better yet forgive all debts.

Criminals are what they are but legal ones. I bet some ole lawyer is foaming at the mouth just thinking how he can make money off the government and the criminals if kitty justice was enacted. Maybe we should charge the lawyers over 300 per cent interest if they try to make a case. Or we could just charge all the government official over 300 per cent on all their purchases until they fix the problem.

They best be glad Kitty Justice is not in charge because that is NOT the only thing that I would change before they could stand their cat hairs on end.

Ah, let's start the campaign now. Kitty Justice for President.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thought I would share a little bit of heaven called" Sunset on Center Hill."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Squirrel Logic

At the lake last week I was taught from our bushy tail friends, a good lesson in squirrel logic.

I have always liked to get up early and watch the world awaken. As I was cuddled up with my first cup of coffee watching the hummingbirds enjoy the fresh food I had fixed for them the evening before and listening to the musical notes coming from my sleeping Prince, I saw two squirrels chasing each other from tree to tree.

They both ran up a big cedar tree and headed out on a long limb and the first one jumped into a scallie bark hickory tree. The second of the pair came to a screeching halt at the tip of the cedar limb. . He went back to the trunk of the tree and went up a few feet and then checked the next limb out to see if he could follow his fellow conspirator but again he stopped at the end of the limb and turned around and went back to the trunkclimbing higher to the next limb. He repeated this process until he got to the top limb and then he started down using the same process. He would always go to the end of the limb but would not jump. He even got on the same limb that the first one had jumped from and still he did not jump to the hickory tree. Finally, he went to the lowest limb and with great flare and dignity he jumped to the hickory.

Later I was telling Prince of their antics and he quickly announced "He was checking the OUCH FACTOR."I started laughing as I could see all the big yellow signs with numbers on each limb to indicate the ouch factor of the jump. The degree of difficulty was the distance and height of the limb from the other tree. I guess we should all check the "OUCH FACTOR" before we jump.

The Rocks
Prince and I went to Center Hill Lake for a few days and the first evening there, we walked DOWN to the rocks. I was very careful and tried to keep my paws out of the poison ivy.
Prince could careless as he took long strides to get to the rocks.

When we reached our objects, we took in the breathtaken view even though the lake was ten feet below summer pool. The lake was surrounded by green hats of all shapes and sizes with gray bans . Where a boat had gone by, you could hear waves lapping againist the shore. What a peaceful sound. Looking to the right was a large crane dipping its bill into the cool water to locate a nibble.

Prince went on his favorite past time when at the rocks and that is collecting odd and unusual shapes and sizes. I thought I would build a rock castle so I scurried around to find just the right ones for the base and then the different levels. I was so busy that I did not see them at first. I was intent upon a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece and the hunt was on for just the right ones to create my castle. As I stood back to admire my work, I saw the first one. It was the face of an ugly trapped beast who had been mashed into the rock by someones big boot. He grimaced at me and I backed away and turned to see the head of the other captive. BAD KARMA.

I jumped off the rock like it was too hot for my feet and rushed up to tell Prince. He just laughed and said my endless imagination had taken another long trip.

I really think they were intent upon climbing from their imprisonment to annouce their disdain of me for placing a castle upon their rocky cage . Needless to say Kitty did not return to the rock which held the beasts. But I continue to wonder when, how and why they are there.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Livery Stable was painted by Kitty Justice the last three weeks of Art. This wonderful place was Elly's dream and finally her reality after ten years of hard work. In March, she and talented hubby opened the antique mall which is located on I24 at exit 24.

It was the center of the little township, Pleasant View, for years as it was a for real livery where you left your horses while you were in town. Later it housed the fire department, the post office and a little store.

When Elly wanted to buy the Livery her somewhat puzzled hubby said okay but wondered what he had gotten himself into. After he worked on other people's home, he would come home and his oldest son and him would stay working until mid-night at the livery.

This last Saturday I took Elly this painting which I had framed in a white frame. I wrapped it in newsprint and tied a black bow on it.

When she opened it, her comment was that she loved it. Then she began to show it off to customers and family.

It made Kitty Justice prouder than a girl with a new doo. On the way home, I relaxed back in my seat and smiled a big kitty smile at my Prince and said "It makes all my cat hairs relax when someone appreciates my work like Elly.
Moon Flower

Several years ago, Aunt Karen gave me a packet of moon flowers. On the package, it stated that they bloom at night.

The only thing that was grown and bloomed at night in the country was four 'o'clocks. They came in red, yellow or white but we had never had a moon flower grown in the country.

I planted the packet she had given me and sat it out front under the hickory tree so we could see it out the front window if it bloomed. Well, it bloomed and the fragance was just divine.

Several years went by and I could not find any moon flower seeds so I was thrilled when Mz Ann brought me several seeds . She said she saved her seeds each year and replanted them to have flowers the next year. I did this for the last couple of years.

Now I planted my seeds early in the spring and each night I have gone out to see if we were gonna have a bloom. Each night of the spring and summer I came into the house sadly disappointed to tell Mimi that we did not have any blooms. FINALLY, after the wind had blown off two buds ready to bloom, I was sure we were doomed not to have any this year.

On September 1st, I came into the kitchen and looked out to see this beautiful bloom. I ran quickly to get my camera as the wind was blowing again and I was afraid it's fate would be like the last two blooms. But alas, it was much hardier and lasted throughout the night.

Kitty Justice would like to share with you our first moon flower.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lunch at Mz Ann's

Kitty Justice has no sense of directions and since I had only been to Mz Ann's once before I thought I would remember my way. WRONG. As it was almost the appointed hour of noon, I called Mz Ann and told her that the directional impaired pal was lost. She was her usual proper self and told me how to arrive on time.

First, I must tell you Mz Ann would remind you of the Prowess or rather Nun in Chaucer's Tales. This is only because she is the neatest lady on the planet. Everything is always in place, her attaire is never wrinkled nor will you ever see any spot or crumb land on her. She even paints in oils without an apron and never ever gets a drop of paint anywhere but the canvas.

When I pulled into the driveway, I was not the last one but Cat and Peaches arrived at the same time. Cat had brought me some Japanese products that her daughter's in laws had bought for me Kitty Justice. I was overwhelmed with their kindness.

As Cat, Peaches and I stormed the back door as it had begun to rain we were greeted by Mz Ann who was dressed in the same green colors that I was wearing. That green makes her beautiful eyes just shine. I handed her the present I had brought , a pot of purple jew that I had grown, as she loves plants as much as I.

Bunnie and Knoxie were already in the den enjoying their glass of white wine. We all hugged each other as if we had not seen one another just the last week and then settled down with our wine and lacey cloth napkins, no paper for Mz. Ann. It was a gaggle of noise as we were holding two by two by two conversations. Then as usual we let Peaches take the stand.

Each had a story about estates settlements but Peaches was grandure than the others. She is a very Southern born and breed lady. She has warm dark brown eyes and her voice has the accent of a juicy southern peach. She has dark straight long hair that she pulls back away from her face with the wimsicial upturn pointed noise. Her husband name is Pepper so I am sure all the towels have big" P" embroider on them. We all just love to hear her stories so we gladly let her entertain us.

But back to the lunch. After awhile, Mz. Ann told us lunch was served. When we entered the dinning room which has a back wall of mirrors, we saw the most elegant table. We all had a twing of guilt that we were about to mess up this beautiful setting and a hint of envy of Mz. Ann's talents.

The table had white lillies with curled up green leaves around them and baby's breath to fill in between. On each side was a silver candle stick with a white candle. The silver was so shiney you needed sun glasses to look upon it. Each place had a white cut lace place mat with the silver and china arranged for a Southern Living magazine ad. On each place was a tiny white fluted bowl in a white saucer and it held pimento soup. On the plate was a crab cake with a partner of asparagus cassarole topped with spinach. The salad plate held a bowl made of watermellon filled with stawberries and blue berries top with whipped cream. The napkin holder were tiny glass vases with a hole for the lace white napkin and in the vase were tiny purple flowers. The lemon platter had small wedges of lemon with mint on top with a little bity silver serving fork.

Mz Ann sat on the left end and to her left was Bunnie and Knoxie with Peaches at the other end then Me and Cat. I think it was best to put Kitty and Cat on the same side. Before we began our feast, Mz Ann had a bowl full of banana blossoms for us to try that she had gotten in her southern travel to Atlanta. They were good but could not compare with Mz. Ann's culinary treats she provided for us. It would have taken me a good week to gather and prepare what she seemed to think was just a mere effort. Her comment was "I love to entertain"

My thoughts and those of my art pallies are please, please, please continue to entertain us.

I guess you might wonder what the kitty justice is to this story. Not all my stories have a kitty justice end but this onedoes. I did not have to cook or clean and that is real kitty justice.

Next time I will be sure to carry my camera in order to publish a picture of her divine elegant table.