Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Board Meeting

Kitty was there on time awaiting the rest of the boarders (yeehaw) to arrive and of course I had a cup of coffee brewed at home to accompany me. I found my name and sat down to watch all the other critters come in.

First, Twirlie came frazzled into the plain unassuming meeting room. The only thing on the wall is a clock. How I would love to bring my paints and fix the place up so at least it would not look so sterile. Since January I have had to endure this plain dull room. If nothing else they could frame some of the kids art work to display. Back to Twirlie, she always proudly announces she is bringing coffee from home as what they have in stock is not up to standards. May the coffee gods bless her.

Twirlie continues going in and out, in and out each time making another statement different from the other. I guess her brain moves as fast as her body. Young people are forever twinking our cat hairs.

Into the room lumbers the Pukka. His ears do not stand up like Harvey's because he is a lop ear Pukka. He is in his work uniform which are docker and a long sleeve red plaid shirt. Almost on his heels the Director, Mr. Fox appears. Each one heads for the coffee that Twirlie has made. Mr. Fox does not walk but strolls in with a gliding motions that only his kind can achieve. He is happy for the cool weather and announces he is really more comfortable in his starched shirts now that the weather is cool. He has deep brown eyes that seem to look beyond the other critters to try and read their thoughts. His hair is long for a fox of his age but still dark with few silver streaks if any. When he conducts the meetings he wears his reading glasses down on his nose to better observe the other creatures. He provides all of us with a sense of security and that we truly matter, but as most fox I am sure he can gobble you up before you can even say "Gingerbread Man". Snip Snap.

When Fox announced he was happy to be back in his strached shirts, Pukka languished that he missed his power suits when he was an advisor. He let his guard down and told us he wanted a new wardrobe and he loved dressing in power suits and felt a sense of not being in charge when he had meetings in dockers. I just wanted to shake him and say "Don't you know clothes do not make the man?" I just hope he does not suffer from Walter Mitty disease. When he made the new wardrobe comment I immediately had Arnold pop in my mind yelling "Girlie Man". In all my years, I have never heard any male make that statement.

I am running short of time as the Art Venture Group goes out to play today and I am so lucky to be included with these 23 other talented and I do MEAN TALENTED ladies, so more on the board later. .

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