Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Giant Task

This is the time of year that we have to spray, clean and trim the house plants that we drug outside the beginning of spring so we can bring them back inside. It is a giant task but not as big as previous years. A few years back I had 175 plants. No joke. Then I reduced it to 150 and the last year I got it to 100 and now it is only 75 or 80.

When I take the plants out in the spring I cut them back in order for them to get new growth in the summer. If I cut back a plant I can root the trimmings and I do . This year it was the purple jew that was so prolific. From one pot I produced five. I gave away one to Mz. Ann and I have another promised to Dr. Hollidays nurse. Since I need only one that leave an extra 2.

Out front under the hickory tree and the corner of the house I have 30 and one is a huge plant. There are other huge ones downstairs under the holly trees. I went by St. Lukes and carried the girls six of my aloe plants I had rooted and asked if they would like my giant plants. Yes, they do and when Puppy comes home from college we will load them up and take them to them. I am just tooooo old to continue dragging them in and out. I also plan to take a few of my other multiples to them also.

Well I am off to spray the ones out front and wash a few more pots and saucer. I will keep my lemon and orange trees but the other giant plants who are a good 4 feet by 3 feet will be taken to a new home.

The kittyjustice is that just maybe I will get back to 75 or less to take care of this winter.

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