Saturday, September 16, 2006

In a Nutshell

This week has been rather hectic and I have had to travel more in those mobile contraptions and I have even named mine, it is called the Silver Bullet. Now I hope you do not think I drive tooooo fast due to the name but it does look like a silver bullet in motion.

Not only did I drive alot but I had to do alot of STANDING and both have a tendency to make the ole back get out of whack. The history on the back is that in 1997 after a whole year of constant pain, I went to see this amazing doctor and he found out that L 5 was not attached thus he inserted rods and screws. Before I located this wonderful doctor, I was told by Dr. Quack that it was "all in my head". He was a true pill pusher and I lost a whole year of my life due to him. I am still finding thinks I put away while on his meds.

Back to this week, we had to go to Smith County to put my Aunt six feet under. It was a rainy day and as we stood under the tent, the wind began to blow and at first I thought the tent might take off like Mary Poppin's umbrella. Her 3 daughter were now orphan just like we had become last September. She did not last a whole year after Dad died. They were a cute little ole pair of siblings. He could not cook and she could not drive so they spent lots of time together. They lived only a couple of miles apart and would call each others at least 3 times a day. Now there are only 2 left and I am not close to either of them. It is like Dad's family was blown away with the wind and rain as they laid Aunt to rest.

I also spent 2 days at the thrift shop which gives ALL its profits to a charity that takes care of children. We are able to do this by having a full volunteer staff and excellent donations from the public. We all work hard but we can all go down the street and revel in our efforts because we can see first hand what our hard work accomplishes. That was 2 days of standing not to mention all the standing at the funeral and grave.

After the funeral, the next day I had good news to give to the sub committee meeting and wanted to show up and share the news,but when I went to start the silver bullet and nothing happen. Yikes !!! I would be late. Luckily, Prince's truck was here so I jumped in it and I do mean jump as it is a 4 wheel drive and very high off the ground and made it to the meeting well before time. I thought it was at 8 but it was at 8:30. Again I sat around tooooo long. Now I do really good if I keep moving. I just cannot stay in one position toooooo long.

I really enjoy going to those type of meetings as I can let my imagination run wild as I people watch and listen. Not one of them is amuned to my the musing of Kitty's wild imagination. Some I am sure would laugh but others might wear their feelings on their sleeves and get upset with my musings.

Afterwards, I stopped by the thirft shop as it is so close and if I am in the neighborhood I like to check on the volunteers as they are the heart beat of the whole operation. I found out we were missing some volunteers due to sickness and other problems so I put out an urgent call for a desperate need for this day.

Today, I get to worry about Prince aka The Dog riding his mobile throne attacking the weeds on the enchanted farm. I love the hillsides but not when he is on his throne, the massey ferguson. At that time I wish I could be like a genie and wiggle my nose and make the hills into flat land. He just loves being out there and the results are just marvelous.

Yesterday afternoon, I caught up with Nephew and requested he clean the windows out front and if you ask he always will help out and do whatever needs to be done. I cannot hold it againist him that he is an Alabama graduate. My blood will always be orange.

I had thought my one and only Puppy would be going to Alabama but at the last moment he asked to go to a wonderful University right here in town. So far, Puppy has come home each night and has dinner with us and plays his games. I know it is only a matter of time that this will change so Kitty is enjoying each and every night her Puppy comes home. He does go back to the dorm each night to sleep which the ladies at the shop think is really funny.

The kitty justice is that I will get 2 days of rest instead of just one this weekend.

Next week watch out as Kitty will hit the ground running.

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