Friday, September 15, 2006

Legal Loan Sharks

I am so mad my claws will not retrack. Kitty plans to get on her soap box. So beware. If you are not a fan of the soap box stop reading now.

For years I have watched these shops go into every strip mall that is built. Now the news reports they are targeting our soliders. It is bad enough they target the poor and immigrants but now our SOLIDERS!!!!!!!!

These legal sharks who use to hide in the mob, are loaning people money and charging over 300 per cent interest. Now if our Government had the balls to really hand out some kitty justice, they first need to shut those businesses (I use that term loosely) down and then make them repay the interest Or better yet forgive all debts.

Criminals are what they are but legal ones. I bet some ole lawyer is foaming at the mouth just thinking how he can make money off the government and the criminals if kitty justice was enacted. Maybe we should charge the lawyers over 300 per cent interest if they try to make a case. Or we could just charge all the government official over 300 per cent on all their purchases until they fix the problem.

They best be glad Kitty Justice is not in charge because that is NOT the only thing that I would change before they could stand their cat hairs on end.

Ah, let's start the campaign now. Kitty Justice for President.

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