Monday, September 04, 2006

The Livery Stable was painted by Kitty Justice the last three weeks of Art. This wonderful place was Elly's dream and finally her reality after ten years of hard work. In March, she and talented hubby opened the antique mall which is located on I24 at exit 24.

It was the center of the little township, Pleasant View, for years as it was a for real livery where you left your horses while you were in town. Later it housed the fire department, the post office and a little store.

When Elly wanted to buy the Livery her somewhat puzzled hubby said okay but wondered what he had gotten himself into. After he worked on other people's home, he would come home and his oldest son and him would stay working until mid-night at the livery.

This last Saturday I took Elly this painting which I had framed in a white frame. I wrapped it in newsprint and tied a black bow on it.

When she opened it, her comment was that she loved it. Then she began to show it off to customers and family.

It made Kitty Justice prouder than a girl with a new doo. On the way home, I relaxed back in my seat and smiled a big kitty smile at my Prince and said "It makes all my cat hairs relax when someone appreciates my work like Elly.

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