Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lunch at Mz Ann's

Kitty Justice has no sense of directions and since I had only been to Mz Ann's once before I thought I would remember my way. WRONG. As it was almost the appointed hour of noon, I called Mz Ann and told her that the directional impaired pal was lost. She was her usual proper self and told me how to arrive on time.

First, I must tell you Mz Ann would remind you of the Prowess or rather Nun in Chaucer's Tales. This is only because she is the neatest lady on the planet. Everything is always in place, her attaire is never wrinkled nor will you ever see any spot or crumb land on her. She even paints in oils without an apron and never ever gets a drop of paint anywhere but the canvas.

When I pulled into the driveway, I was not the last one but Cat and Peaches arrived at the same time. Cat had brought me some Japanese products that her daughter's in laws had bought for me Kitty Justice. I was overwhelmed with their kindness.

As Cat, Peaches and I stormed the back door as it had begun to rain we were greeted by Mz Ann who was dressed in the same green colors that I was wearing. That green makes her beautiful eyes just shine. I handed her the present I had brought , a pot of purple jew that I had grown, as she loves plants as much as I.

Bunnie and Knoxie were already in the den enjoying their glass of white wine. We all hugged each other as if we had not seen one another just the last week and then settled down with our wine and lacey cloth napkins, no paper for Mz. Ann. It was a gaggle of noise as we were holding two by two by two conversations. Then as usual we let Peaches take the stand.

Each had a story about estates settlements but Peaches was grandure than the others. She is a very Southern born and breed lady. She has warm dark brown eyes and her voice has the accent of a juicy southern peach. She has dark straight long hair that she pulls back away from her face with the wimsicial upturn pointed noise. Her husband name is Pepper so I am sure all the towels have big" P" embroider on them. We all just love to hear her stories so we gladly let her entertain us.

But back to the lunch. After awhile, Mz. Ann told us lunch was served. When we entered the dinning room which has a back wall of mirrors, we saw the most elegant table. We all had a twing of guilt that we were about to mess up this beautiful setting and a hint of envy of Mz. Ann's talents.

The table had white lillies with curled up green leaves around them and baby's breath to fill in between. On each side was a silver candle stick with a white candle. The silver was so shiney you needed sun glasses to look upon it. Each place had a white cut lace place mat with the silver and china arranged for a Southern Living magazine ad. On each place was a tiny white fluted bowl in a white saucer and it held pimento soup. On the plate was a crab cake with a partner of asparagus cassarole topped with spinach. The salad plate held a bowl made of watermellon filled with stawberries and blue berries top with whipped cream. The napkin holder were tiny glass vases with a hole for the lace white napkin and in the vase were tiny purple flowers. The lemon platter had small wedges of lemon with mint on top with a little bity silver serving fork.

Mz Ann sat on the left end and to her left was Bunnie and Knoxie with Peaches at the other end then Me and Cat. I think it was best to put Kitty and Cat on the same side. Before we began our feast, Mz Ann had a bowl full of banana blossoms for us to try that she had gotten in her southern travel to Atlanta. They were good but could not compare with Mz. Ann's culinary treats she provided for us. It would have taken me a good week to gather and prepare what she seemed to think was just a mere effort. Her comment was "I love to entertain"

My thoughts and those of my art pallies are please, please, please continue to entertain us.

I guess you might wonder what the kitty justice is to this story. Not all my stories have a kitty justice end but this onedoes. I did not have to cook or clean and that is real kitty justice.

Next time I will be sure to carry my camera in order to publish a picture of her divine elegant table.

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briarpipe said...

Being most familiar with Mz Ann’s cooking, I have been able to watch the great strides made in her culinary skills, much like her walking-bravo for new knees. Luckily, I can take pleasure that she learned from my gifted hands, taste buds and eye for aesthetics. For years scrambled eggs, cheese toast and grits were gourmet fare. Being a Southern Gal, epitome of Southern grace and a true Belle of the South, she could cook up a mean pot of country fried steak and the rice was, almost always, fluffy. During these early years it was easy to see that there was potential, as the place settings were always proper. I knew cause there were always two forks and a folded napkin. Grace was always said and one never left the table sans a “Please. May I be excused”.
All the trappings were there for crown achievements, much like the curly things I taught her to whittle for toppings on salads. Heck, I even showed her how to whittle on my index finger one time, just to show her how it’s not done.
Many times I have been the guinea pig for experimental meals and treats. And, with pleasure, these times have been a delight to my palate. Unfortunately, critics’ remorse weighs heavy when one has to devour a gourmet’s artistic presentation of gastronomic delights. Accolades should go my way, as the pleasures her guests take such delight, are due to her number one fan.