Monday, September 04, 2006

Moon Flower

Several years ago, Aunt Karen gave me a packet of moon flowers. On the package, it stated that they bloom at night.

The only thing that was grown and bloomed at night in the country was four 'o'clocks. They came in red, yellow or white but we had never had a moon flower grown in the country.

I planted the packet she had given me and sat it out front under the hickory tree so we could see it out the front window if it bloomed. Well, it bloomed and the fragance was just divine.

Several years went by and I could not find any moon flower seeds so I was thrilled when Mz Ann brought me several seeds . She said she saved her seeds each year and replanted them to have flowers the next year. I did this for the last couple of years.

Now I planted my seeds early in the spring and each night I have gone out to see if we were gonna have a bloom. Each night of the spring and summer I came into the house sadly disappointed to tell Mimi that we did not have any blooms. FINALLY, after the wind had blown off two buds ready to bloom, I was sure we were doomed not to have any this year.

On September 1st, I came into the kitchen and looked out to see this beautiful bloom. I ran quickly to get my camera as the wind was blowing again and I was afraid it's fate would be like the last two blooms. But alas, it was much hardier and lasted throughout the night.

Kitty Justice would like to share with you our first moon flower.

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