Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Shamrocks

I went outside and the purple shamrock in the lower right had been placed in a very cheap black plastic pot like the ones you get flowers in at a garden center.

Mimi said it was like that yesterday. The good pot is broken. Now as you can see the pot had a low center of gravity therefore not easily toppled. I do not know when, why or how it happen but I am due a new pot. The beautiful scene now looks rather tacky.

I guess Kitty should be thankful that the plant was saved and not discarded with the broken pot.

Now back to the previous story, the board meeting. I need to clarify that Mr. Fox is the Board Director and the Facility Director is another tale. If you saw Mr. Bubbles, the Facility Director, on the street you would swear he was a Professor or some long hair symphony performer. Mr. Bubbles ambles instead of walking and he forever wears a vest under his jacket and over his shirt. He is from up across the northern state line but hey you are now in the south and cannot be that cold. His skin is so white he could pass as an albino if his eyes were pink however, they are a soft hazel color. He is always quick to smile and make you feel like he enjoys seeing you. Mr. Bubbles is a peoples creature and his quick wit and knowledge make you as comfortable as if you had just slipped on a pair of old shoes. His silver mang is streaked with the dark color of his youth and it is long and wavey. When he plays in his band it probably flips over the front of his face like a conductor keeping time to the beat of the music. His physic belies the many diet dr peppers he drinks. His voice is so soft and low that it tends to hum and you have to pinch yourself ever so often to keep awake.

Miss M is so childlike that she sits on her knees or with her legs crossed in the chair. This makes her intelligence go unnoticed by the some of the stiff backs in the meeting. There are several Barbee want ta be and then there is one of my favorites. Lady Z is so comfortable in her own skin that she comes dressed ready for the next activity. My first board meeting I had dressed for painting class but wore a very nice sweater to be changed before class and in came Lady Z in a jogging suit. I liked her right away and henceforth have followed her lead to dress for the next activity.

My Mother, who by the way only had an eighth grade education which would be frown on by some was a very wise woman. Here are a few of her words to live by:

1. You are not better than anyone else and no one is better than you.

2. Do not ask someone else to do something you are not willing to do.

3. There will always be someone richer, prettier and smarter than you but if you have good manners you will make a good impression.

4. Last but not least, Treat people the way you wish to be treated.

So the kitty justice is that a wise woman with only an eighth grade education could teach some college grads some good lessons.

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