Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Rocks
Prince and I went to Center Hill Lake for a few days and the first evening there, we walked DOWN to the rocks. I was very careful and tried to keep my paws out of the poison ivy.
Prince could careless as he took long strides to get to the rocks.

When we reached our objects, we took in the breathtaken view even though the lake was ten feet below summer pool. The lake was surrounded by green hats of all shapes and sizes with gray bans . Where a boat had gone by, you could hear waves lapping againist the shore. What a peaceful sound. Looking to the right was a large crane dipping its bill into the cool water to locate a nibble.

Prince went on his favorite past time when at the rocks and that is collecting odd and unusual shapes and sizes. I thought I would build a rock castle so I scurried around to find just the right ones for the base and then the different levels. I was so busy that I did not see them at first. I was intent upon a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece and the hunt was on for just the right ones to create my castle. As I stood back to admire my work, I saw the first one. It was the face of an ugly trapped beast who had been mashed into the rock by someones big boot. He grimaced at me and I backed away and turned to see the head of the other captive. BAD KARMA.

I jumped off the rock like it was too hot for my feet and rushed up to tell Prince. He just laughed and said my endless imagination had taken another long trip.

I really think they were intent upon climbing from their imprisonment to annouce their disdain of me for placing a castle upon their rocky cage . Needless to say Kitty did not return to the rock which held the beasts. But I continue to wonder when, how and why they are there.

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