Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Squirrel Logic

At the lake last week I was taught from our bushy tail friends, a good lesson in squirrel logic.

I have always liked to get up early and watch the world awaken. As I was cuddled up with my first cup of coffee watching the hummingbirds enjoy the fresh food I had fixed for them the evening before and listening to the musical notes coming from my sleeping Prince, I saw two squirrels chasing each other from tree to tree.

They both ran up a big cedar tree and headed out on a long limb and the first one jumped into a scallie bark hickory tree. The second of the pair came to a screeching halt at the tip of the cedar limb. . He went back to the trunk of the tree and went up a few feet and then checked the next limb out to see if he could follow his fellow conspirator but again he stopped at the end of the limb and turned around and went back to the trunkclimbing higher to the next limb. He repeated this process until he got to the top limb and then he started down using the same process. He would always go to the end of the limb but would not jump. He even got on the same limb that the first one had jumped from and still he did not jump to the hickory tree. Finally, he went to the lowest limb and with great flare and dignity he jumped to the hickory.

Later I was telling Prince of their antics and he quickly announced "He was checking the OUCH FACTOR."I started laughing as I could see all the big yellow signs with numbers on each limb to indicate the ouch factor of the jump. The degree of difficulty was the distance and height of the limb from the other tree. I guess we should all check the "OUCH FACTOR" before we jump.

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