Monday, October 30, 2006

End of October 2006

The colors are beautiful and we are beginning to get more sky.

I thought you might like to see the moon in the afternoon sky.

The kittyjustice is that all these pretty leaves will fall and then Prince, Puppy and Nephew will have a major removal task.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I got this picture in the mail from my dear friends. Spencer is so cute I wanted to share with all. This little guy gets his own mail from his sister.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yes, the Blue Bear of Life does visit me ever now and then. I like most people thought it was just a matter of getting your head around a positive thought to take care of any Blue Bear that might upset your life.

Not so!!!!!! After the last eleven years filled with parents illness and ultimately their deaths, kitty was overwhelmed and discovered much to my fantasy beliefs, that positive thoughts do not work if it is true depression.

So as I glide down the last few years the irony is that kitty's positive thoughts have been replaced with a blue pill (some weird sense of humor on the color part).

The glummy weather has a created a trigger for the unpleasant life span of depression. I know we need the rain but how Kitty longs for the sun to shine.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Art Venture Group met at the famous Loveless Motel and Cafe on Highway 100 on a rainy and cool day.

The Art Venture Group has 24 talented lady artist and each month two of them host a luncheon and this month it was held at the Loveless Cafe. The two Mary's of the group were the hostess this month.

When I arrived only the two hostess were there along with Mz Ann and Bunny. Mz. Ann said that Peaches was ill and would not be there and that Cat was still playing in the sand at Florida.

Now if you have never been to the Loveless you have really been left under the floor matt to rot as they have the world famous biscuits that Annie Loveless started making with her secret recipe in 1951. In 1959, 1972 and again in 2003 the cafe changed owners but the famous recipe stayed alive and well at the cafe. They serve breakfast all day long but you can get really good southern fried chicken and vegetables . But the BEST is the hot biscuits and country ham. On the table will be three different kinds of homemade jams, blackberry, peaches and strawberry. Yummmie.

As we waited for the other members to appear, Gwendolyn our brown eyed waitress, brought us a big basket of biscuits. We all fell upon them like starved animals except Mz. Ann and she is way to proper to indicate she was even yearning for those hot biscuits with real butter and jam.

As the others trickled in, Bunny started talking about when they sold their house and they took everything, doors, mantles etc etc. She said her garage was so full of the x house stuff she need to have a sale. I told Mz. Ann "We do not have to go to Home Depot just head out to Bunny's garage."

The kittyjustice is that I had my country ham, hot biscuits, butter and jam and did not feel one fuzzy bit guilty. Cat hairs to you.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fall is here at last.

The high for today was at midnight and the temperture has dropped all day. It would rain hard at times then trickle off to just an annoying drizzle.

Overnight the dogwood turned red and the hickory trees are golden however those oak leaves are green. Only the walnut trees have shed their coats to give us more sky.

Those little flapping particles on the trees called leaves will soon show the dazzling color of fall.

The kittyjustice is the pretty objects fall and we RACK.

Finding a good blog.

My Cousin sent me an email about Arlington National Cemetery at Christmas. A company, Worcester Wreath Co., places a wreath on each grave at Christmas.

Being the curious kitty that I am I googled the company name which lead me to a blogger called "Ahshoot" but the real find was a comment made by blogger "Fast Squirrel". I now have his blog bookmarked in my favorites. I just love quick access.

The kittyjustice is that I found two good blogger from my own curiousity.

My suggestion to all the polictical whoopla, is a website for politician and first they must fill in all about their personal and financial life and a history of their ancestor. Then their previous voting record is listed, and their position on each issue (the ones they keep caterwalling about) and then those of us who can READ would be allowed to vote. Now that would be REAL KITTYJUSTICE.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The View from the Hill

Kitty paints the view whenever I do not have anything else to paint. I have this scene memorized in my mind as I look upon it each morning with coffee in hand.

The kitty justice is that I can paint it without the TVA power lines which were put in place almost immediately after the house was built.

The men who were working on the power line brought a huge rattlesnake up to show my father in law who told them "I sold you the rights to the land and not the snake". I never knew him but he was quick witted and could come up with one liner for all occasions.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Harvest Moon from the Hill

I tried to get the picture as it was coming over the horizon but I could not locate my camera. As you can see it rose quickly. The bright spots in the right picture is a reflection on far away windows of the sun as it was going down.

Hope you enjoy Kitty Justice's view.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


He was born in 1936 in Horseshoe Bend. The only son of my Uncle Charlie. He was blessed with four loving sisters and of course being the only son, Aunt Eunice doted on him.

As most young boys of that time he was not very fond of school so one cold day he played hooky from school and his older sister ran interference with the elders. The small house was heated by woodstove and after making a fire to take the chill from the home, they hid under a quilt and drew pictures of their teachers. Now, knowing J. W. I am sure the pictures were not faltering.

I just read a email from my Jewish friend and in it their was a statement which spoke loud of J. W. "Hardships make us closer to God."

At age sixteen he thought school was not going to help him so he quit and started in the construction business. Now everytime you see a dump truck coming down the road think about this young country boy driving the truck.

When he was in his late 20's, he had a horrible accident. After he was taken from his mangled vehicle, one leg was crushed. A dozen of surgeries later, his leg would be shorter than the other forever. So to fix the problem, a special shoe was built with a three inch platform. This did not make him disable but determined to continue on with life. He worked in construction for over thirty years and some people today whine about a little ache and pain. They need only a smiggin of Cousin J. W. fortitude.

He and his only son, J. W. Jr. would come up to Smith County and we would go to Horseshoe Bend and hunt on doe hill. He always had that twinkle in his eye and he was truly sincere. He loved his family more than life itself and would help you do anything without asking or expecting something in return.

I never saw him in anything but blue jeans and plaid shirts but he did dress up in a tux once to give one of his angelic sisters away. You see his father had died and he was the only male so he took up the responsiblity of being the man in the family.

One terrible day, Jr. his son was driving a dump truck that Jr. would not let any of the workers drive because he was afraid they would get hurt. Another accident and J. W. only child was taken away from him. How do you go on after your only child has died? I admired him so very much for his perserverance.

My nickname for him was "The Tomato King". We would spend hours each spring racing to see who would have the first tomato. Well, he always won but I always had the last one.

J. W. loved to garden and grow flowers. When he lost his oldest sister, I saw life begginning to take its toll on him. Then when his Mother died, my Father was too sick to go to the funeral so I went and when I saw J. W. my heart dropped. He looked so very very old. Immediately when I returned home, I called my father and told him how old and sad J. W. looked and Dad said J.W. had been sick.

Several years ago he had had lung cancer and had part of the lung removed but recovered. At the funeral, the Pastor commented that J. W. had been put to sleep 42 times. FORTY TWO TIMES!!!!!!! I cannot even begin to comes to grips with that.

The day before he died, I went to see him and made him laugh. His sisters said he had not laughed in 3 months. I was afraid at first that he would not know me and he did ask who I was, but when I told him who I was and who my father was he knew me immediately. His last words to me when I kissed him on his little head was "Be careful".

I am so glad he was in my life but just like little brother said " I use to love to see fall come each year but now I dread it because in September and October is when our beloved kin die. "

From here on out whenever, Kitty Justice sees a tomato I will have warm loving thoughts about "My Tomato King". Peace be with you Cousin.