Monday, October 23, 2006

Art Venture Group met at the famous Loveless Motel and Cafe on Highway 100 on a rainy and cool day.

The Art Venture Group has 24 talented lady artist and each month two of them host a luncheon and this month it was held at the Loveless Cafe. The two Mary's of the group were the hostess this month.

When I arrived only the two hostess were there along with Mz Ann and Bunny. Mz. Ann said that Peaches was ill and would not be there and that Cat was still playing in the sand at Florida.

Now if you have never been to the Loveless you have really been left under the floor matt to rot as they have the world famous biscuits that Annie Loveless started making with her secret recipe in 1951. In 1959, 1972 and again in 2003 the cafe changed owners but the famous recipe stayed alive and well at the cafe. They serve breakfast all day long but you can get really good southern fried chicken and vegetables . But the BEST is the hot biscuits and country ham. On the table will be three different kinds of homemade jams, blackberry, peaches and strawberry. Yummmie.

As we waited for the other members to appear, Gwendolyn our brown eyed waitress, brought us a big basket of biscuits. We all fell upon them like starved animals except Mz. Ann and she is way to proper to indicate she was even yearning for those hot biscuits with real butter and jam.

As the others trickled in, Bunny started talking about when they sold their house and they took everything, doors, mantles etc etc. She said her garage was so full of the x house stuff she need to have a sale. I told Mz. Ann "We do not have to go to Home Depot just head out to Bunny's garage."

The kittyjustice is that I had my country ham, hot biscuits, butter and jam and did not feel one fuzzy bit guilty. Cat hairs to you.

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Corn Dog said...

My mouth is watering. What a description! It makes me want to board a plane and head for Nashville to bust down the doors of Loveless Cafe.