Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yes, the Blue Bear of Life does visit me ever now and then. I like most people thought it was just a matter of getting your head around a positive thought to take care of any Blue Bear that might upset your life.

Not so!!!!!! After the last eleven years filled with parents illness and ultimately their deaths, kitty was overwhelmed and discovered much to my fantasy beliefs, that positive thoughts do not work if it is true depression.

So as I glide down the last few years the irony is that kitty's positive thoughts have been replaced with a blue pill (some weird sense of humor on the color part).

The glummy weather has a created a trigger for the unpleasant life span of depression. I know we need the rain but how Kitty longs for the sun to shine.

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Corn Dog said...

I'm sorry dearest Kitty! I'm thinking about you and sending a hug your way.