Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finding a good blog.

My Cousin sent me an email about Arlington National Cemetery at Christmas. A company, Worcester Wreath Co., places a wreath on each grave at Christmas.

Being the curious kitty that I am I googled the company name which lead me to a blogger called "Ahshoot" but the real find was a comment made by blogger "Fast Squirrel". I now have his blog bookmarked in my favorites. I just love quick access.

The kittyjustice is that I found two good blogger from my own curiousity.

My suggestion to all the polictical whoopla, is a website for politician and first they must fill in all about their personal and financial life and a history of their ancestor. Then their previous voting record is listed, and their position on each issue (the ones they keep caterwalling about) and then those of us who can READ would be allowed to vote. Now that would be REAL KITTYJUSTICE.

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