Sunday, November 26, 2006


It was Mz Ann's turn to host the group for November and she picked a wonderful place. It was a new restuarant in Green Hills. There were 3 tables on the outside in the hallway and you could look up and see through the glass dome a beautiful sunny sky.

The tables were set with real china, white tableclothes, and white cloth napkins. There were 3 inch square glass vases with river rocks and water which held a floating red rose. Mz. Ann's hostess partner had brought these fall baskets with fall tissue paper and 2 live potted plants in the basket. There were 2 baskets which at the end of the meal they drew names and I was one of the lucky ones. I put mine in the center of the dining room table for our Thanksgiving meal at home.

Bunny sat at the table to the right and Peaches sat at the table to the left. Each entertaining the other ladies. I sure hate I missed their stories but I sat next to Knoxie and Cat sat beside her at the middle table with Mz Ann and some other ladies. There were twenty-four of us. One of our ladies was in the hospital so Mz. Ann invited our Art Teacher and she is someone that all should know. The Teacher sat at the table with Bunny and every once in awhile you could hear her laughter. Of course, the laugh is one of a kind and at the pitch of a flying plane.

I had the Bleu Cheese burger with fresh fruit. One of the ladies on Peaches table order Mac & Cheese and it came out in a cassrole size bowl that could have served all of us ladies. I do not remember how much Jean ate of it but she is a size double zero so I cannot imagine she ate all. Surely, a go box was ordered.

Knoxie is gonna have one of those major wedding anniversaries this coming month so I wanted to know how her and Billy Boy meet. Knoxie is from New York and had been dating this youngman from up there for 2 years. She had come to the south to visit a girlfriend and met Billy Boy at a party. It was one of those love at first site things because in two weeks he had took a trip up north and Knoxie had already broken up with the guy who she had been dating for the last couple of years. It was not long until they were married and after some years in the service and four children they got to come and locate themselves in Nashville. They now have grown grandchildren but no great grand kiddies yet.After all these years, she was glowing just remembering back and entertaining me with her life with Billy. Now that is TRUE LOVE.

The kittyjustice is if you keep your kitty ears open, you can learn all these wonderful stories told by my talented pallie.

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