Friday, November 03, 2006


My best buddy, for fourteen years was this GOOD DOG. It may seem strange that kitty loves dogs but I just cannot help myself. I cannot remember when four paws were not present in my world.

But this guy was the very best paws ever. Not once did he scrounge in the garbage as other four legged finds were apt to do.

One of his last outings was just sitting in the back yard watching Prince bush hog the field. He loved to watch his people work. He was my shadow at all times. In the mornings if I slipped my chain he would go into each room until I was located and then he would settle down beside me until I was up and running on another task.

His ears were as soft as velvet and Puppy love to tickle them. He would even use his bare feet to rub againist those wonderfully soft dangling treasures.

When the big black lab was young he was as fast as the wind and Puppy taught him to play keep away instead of fitch. A german shepherd lived down the hill and the lady of the house kept a towel to dry the shepherd off before she came into the house and the big lab thought it was a game to go and bring the towel up to our house. Maybe he was saying he wished to be dried off like her. Do you think?

The funniest thing was one day I was fixing Mimi's hair and had to use hair spray, the big lab got up from watching our antics and proceed to walk across the room and stop, hump his back like a cat and cough at ever 2 or 3 steps. Kitty forgot about his sensitive nose. Thereafter, if you picked up a spray can he was out of the room faster than a duck on a june bug.

His job was to go fetch the paper in the mornings for Mimi to read. I would walk with him down the long drive to get the paper. He just loved to run off and sniff of new smells. But with true dedication he would return and pick up the paper and off we would go back up the drive. His reward for a job well done was a bacon treat, a dog biscuit and a rawhide chewie in that order. He knew just exactly which order they should be eaten. I have even put all three down and he would eat them always in the same order.

So many fond memories of my GOOD BOY. Last weekend was so very sad as he had his last ride in the silver bullet. I rolled the windows down even though it was nippy but he held his nose high and sniffed all the good smells. He had bone cancer in his right back leg at the hock and was in rather much pain. I held his head and stroked those soft ears until the end.

His resting place is by the horse block(steps which you use to get on your horse) as he loved to watch the comings and goings on the hill.

Dogless is not any fun. Ther is no kittyjustice in that.

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Corn Dog said...

He was the best. I know you will miss him. A very sad entry but a very nice one. A good picture too of the wonderful dog.