Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Here is my new little love. She was born on 9-12-06 and currently weighs a little over ten pounds. She should be a big dog as her Mother weighed 96 pounds and her Father weighed over 100 pounds.
She came to us from a lady in Winchester who brought her and her sister up to Murfreesboro for us and another man to see if we wished to take them home. The other guy was late so I got to choose and it was not really hard as this little girl had more personality.
She slept in my lap on the fifty mile journey to her new home. Everyone in the family had to hold her and love on her even our cat loving Mimi.
I could not believe my good luck as she slept in her crate all night and did not make a wimper. So far she has also not had any accidents in the house. She lets you know when she needs to go outside. What a GOOD GIRL.
This morning she started wimpering and I took her outside and she did her business and when I put her back into the crate, she started crying more. Prince said she is probably hungry. He was so correct. I would give her a handful of food and she would eat it up and then go back over to the steps where the bag of food sat and climb up on the step with her front paws and look over her shoulder as if to ask for more. I ended up giving her 3 handfuls of food and she all of all it except a few pebbles.
When the alarm went off at five it woke her up and she was ready to play. She would run under the boxwoods out front and then come barking out at me. All she wanted when she came inside was some water and then her new toy.
I leave the crate door open and she goes inside when she is sleepy and takes her naps. She is napping now.
I think she is such a good dog because she has Angel Good Boy up there watching over her and his family.

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