Sunday, November 26, 2006

THIS IS WHAT I GET WHEN I TRY TO PUT THE PICTURE OF KITTY JUSTICE ON MY BLOG. Well, I took some Adult Learning classes about computors over at Puppy's college and then I thought I was so smart that I started messing with my pictures. The picture above is the background color I put on kitty justice picture and I have resized it until it the size of the gas tank on a piss ants motorcycle. My cousin has sent me another attachment of my picture and when I convert it over to My Picture file, will I mess with it? NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

The kittyjustice is when you mess around with the computor know how to return to the original file. My kitty brain does not store any computor logic. GIVE ME A PAINT BRUSH PLEASE.



Corn Dog said...

What's even weirder, if I click on the yellow picture, it will bring up the right picture of Kitty Justice. I don't get it!

Lady Di Tn said...

only us ture inept computor cats could create such treak.