Sunday, December 03, 2006


November 28 was an unseasonable warm day. My Little Brother had come down to hunt the tomato thieves with me. Well, I got one huge one that morning so I took my camera with me to take pictures if I came across anything interesting. This big oak is where I had been hunting when I downed one tomato thief so I thought I will go back and sit at the base to see if any others return for me to shoot.

As soon as I got close, this huge fox squirrel jumped on my tree. He did not move as I got the camera out of my pocket to capture him on film. After several shots, I took a step forward to get a better picture and he ran up the tree onto a tiny limb and looked down upon me. I took several more pictures and then I sat down at the base of the tree.

BOOM!!!!! BOOM!!!!! My Little Brother's 3006 sounded like a cannon. I thought if he got anything he will come get me. NOT. He did not want to ruin my hunting.

Before he could get to the spot he wanted to hunt he saw a sampling moving very vigerously and that when he saw the five points. The first shot hit a limb and cut it from a small tree but the second shot just like sissy had met the target. It had rolled down hill and he had not seen it so at first he was disgusted that he had missed not once but twice. When he went up to check it out he looked down the hill and there he was. He was disappointed as the tomato thief did have 5 points on one side but the other side had been lost in a fight. So I guess you could call him a 6 pointer as he had one tiny one left on the side which was missing.

Now after the two big booms, old fox squirrel sat in the tree fussing at me all afternoon. He would move from tree to tree but never took his eyes off me as he knew I was the cause of the BIG BOOM.

The kittyjustice is that you do not sit under a big tree that a fox squirrel has gone up as he will not leave you alone and no other game will come near you.

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