Monday, December 18, 2006


For two weeks each morning the little puppy goes to work. I tell her "Paper" and she runs down the hill like a bullet shot from a cannon and hits the paper with her nose and her whole body passes her head and she is at the right position to start up the hill.

If she gets the end of the paper she trips over it and finally will stop and get a better grip in the middle but sometimes she gets the closed end and the paper drops out all the way up the hill.

Today however she managed to get it in the middle but dropped it a few times thus paper was out of the sack but she had the sack also. She is so funny as she will through her head back and prance up the hill. She usually gets up the hill and is waiting for me on the porch with the paper at her feet. As soon as I step unto the porch, she grabs the paper and awaits the door to open.

She then will dash into the kitchen and drop the paper by the sliding glass door and then heads for the utility room for her pay. The good girl gets a begging strip and half a big dog biscuit.

The kittyjustice is that I do not have to walk down the hill unless to pick up the papers that have fallen out.


Corn Dog said...

What great photos of Maggie. She is getting bigger every day. I wish my two would do something useful like fetch the paper. Oh I forgot. They are doing something useful - protecting the house.

Lady Di Tn said...

corn dog
protect or just warn you someone is coming????? I am training MD to lay at my feet while blogging.
lady di tn