Sunday, December 31, 2006


Prince is asleep and so is Mimi and the Maggie dog.

Puppy got up at 8pm and will stay up all night playing computor games with his pals.

I get up at 5am each day so I was wiped out and took a 2 hr nap and here I am posting at an hour I usually am asleep. My Grandmother always said the first 12 days of January determined what you would do for each month. She had a list of superstitions that would go around the world a few times. Everytime you itched, dropped or said something she had a superstitions for it. Just remember if anything on the left side of your body itches it will be a woman and I am sure this was thought up by a man as the right side itching is a man. How come they get to be Right?

This is how it goes, if you right ear itches you will be told something by a man. But if your right nostril itched a man was coming to your house. Yikes. If your right eye itched you were gonna be made mad but if your left eye itched you were gonna be pleased.

She was a round little woman who was almost as wide as tall. Her hair was a dark blonde that she kept in a bun with a hairnet over it. She had twinkling blue eyes and a laugh that was a shrill high HEE Hee HEE. She always wore a print dress with a very long apron over it and funny brown shoes with cotton stockings. (a light brown) Today she would be diagnoised with complusive cleaning disorder but too us grand kids she was just super clean. The kitchen had to be swept after each meal and then mopped once a day. I just thought all Grandmothers were like that. Anyway she was the BEST COOK WHO EVER LIVED AND she was the queen of all the ole sayings or as they say superstitions.

Back to this brand new year. Kitty plans to be SELFISH. Do things I like to do rather than what others need to be done. The kittyjustice will be that I will locate long lost me and be happier.

I get so tired of doing the right thing. I will leave the sandbox for others to clean. Now where are my brushes.

According to Grand Ma I will be blogging the first thing each January morning. I will try to see what else I can come up with.

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