Sunday, December 03, 2006


Daylight had just started to appear as I sat by the big oak. It was like sitting in a large cereal bowl with the earth as the bowl. I saw 2 deer under the power line headed right on the horizon and I knew they were heading for Little Brother.

Then I saw 4 deer on the horizon under the power line heading left to the low gap. It took them about 30 mins to travel the ridge and appear at the low gap. Then to my luck they were coming down the hill in my direction. I could not believe my good fortune.

I raise my trusty 308 put the cross hairs of the scope on the front deer and pulled the trigger. The four deer just stood there looking at each. I saw the front deer ask "What was that?" My new magazine that Little Brother gave me would not inject a shell into the chamber so I took one from my pocket and put in the chamber. The front four had ran off toward the pond out of site but here came a straggler. I lifted the 308 and used the open sites. Down she went at the bottom of the valley and she did not get up and run. The reason ole dead eye kitty had hit her in the neck. WOW I had not shot the gun for over ten years and I was still a good shot.

I puffed up like a very proud cat and thought I had best go field dress her as it was really tooooo warm for this time of year.

As I had sat under the oak, acorns fell down like rain. I was glad I had on a good hat.

The kittyjustice is that you should never ever take a gun on a hunt that you have not shot in ten years.

It felt good to be outside and KILL ONE OF THE TOMATO THIEVES.

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