Thursday, August 31, 2006

Morning Glories

I am not one to spend alot of money on seeds but I saw this package of seeds at the local Co-op and they were something I had not seen. I gave them my $3.00 plus tax and went home to plan my treasure.

I opened the package and there were only 6 seeds. I thought what a rip off.

I planted them and when they started to bloom, Mimi and I would go out each morning and count the number of blooms we had.

Each year I save all the seeds and give them to friends and plant lots of them for our enjoyment. Yesterday, we had thirty blooms which is the most we have ever had. Those deep purple flowers with the white rim are a true delight each morning.

The kitty justice is I will have lots of seeds to give away this year.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kitty Justice
has arrived

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Walnut Trees

The two eighty foot trees out back of the house are loosing their leaves. They are the first ones on the hill to lose their leaves. The green round missles are still hanging on awaiting the first real wind to losen them so they can come tumbling down upon any object in their way. Dogs, heads, cars, grass just whatever is in their path.

I always dread their arrival on ground. No matter where you put your foot to take a step you will suddenly be jerked down and if lucky will only land on your good intentions. I have seen so many videos of people rolling down hills that it plays over and over in my mind as I step unto those round orbes of mess. Yes, mess because the skin of the orbe will stain anything it touches and you cannot get the stain out . On those commericals for all the super cleaner they should use walnut stains not blood or wine.

Oh, those majestic trees with the lowest limb a good thirty feet. They were made for only squirrels to climb and an occasional bird to rest upon. From a distance they look like giant toothpicks with the jolley green giants' green peas attached.

I have never met a tree I did not like not even the ones who spread terror on the ground for those of us to tread.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Name

Some may wonder why I chose kitty justice. I love finding names of real people to use. As I was reading an antique cookbook of my eighty-seven year old Mother In Law's I came across kitty justice. I started laughing as I have a wild imagination. Mimi wanted to know what was so funny.

When I told her she informed me that this nice southern lady had worked at the thrift shop and was a tall blonde. She had been gone from this world for a long long time.

All I could think of was a tall female cat standing on her back legs with a long cigarette holder in her gloved hand. Kitty Justice would make the best cartoon character and she could take a job and always say "This is a job for Kitty Justice".

Now owners of cats will understand my view of kitty justice as nothing is worse than to have your cat get even with you for some wrong they think you have committed.

Kitty justice is worse than Kat Fuzzies or Kat Hairs.

I have started drawing Kitty and hope to put her on the blog for all to see. She will be a very pretty cat with thropy feathers in her hat.
Tomato Thieves

Back in the 60's and 70's I was a woman hunter before it was fashionable for women to hunt. My brother and I spent many happy moments in the woods hunting the big ones.

I have always loved watching wildlife but now it is time to break out the 308. I had put in away after I had two back surgeries but with the following tale you can understand why I am dusting it off.

For several years I had a small fenced in garden on the side of the house and like most farm girls delighted in growing vegetables and when they were in abundance giving them away to friends and neighbors. The deer discovered my garden a couple of years back and this was very evident by their hoof prints in the soil and my jalepeno plants eaten.

The next year after the deer discovered the garden, I started just planting tomato but I put them out by the back porch. With them being closer to the house, I was given the false impression that the deer would leave them alone. Not.

I pulled out the bird netting which I had used to cover my cherry trees until they became too tall for me to cover and surrounded my plants with the netting. For two years this worked and I was patting myself on the back for thinking of the netting.

Since Sundays are truly a day of rest for this early bird, I was downstairs watching a marathon of old "Tammy" movies, when to my surprise there was a doe just outside the window in my tomato plants. This was only 30 feet from where I was sitting in our family room. I was horrified to see her gobbling down my plants.

The hooved rat as I like to call them, had eaten all the ripe and the green tomatoes and was working on chewing down the plants. In haste I got up and ran outside yelling "get out of here".
First, she just looked at me and then I waved my arms and repeated the message. She jumped over the netting which she had pushed down and ran to the end of the porch. She just stood there looking at me as if to say "Are you going back inside so I can finish my meal"

At this point I was seeing red so I ran down the porch yelling "I said get out of here". Finally, she turned up her white tail and headed for the pasture. After she jumped the fence, I went to survey the damage and I have tolerated them eating my hostas but to knock down my bird netting to eat my tomato was an unthinkable act of War.

Come fall we will have a venison feast as I plan to put the ole 308 back to work.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

kittyjustice [BLOGGER PREVIEW]
August 25, 2006


Oh, they started about a week ago just down the drive across from the the three beech trees. The ground under the large hickory tree was covered with squirrel crumbs. This not the calender marks the official passing of summer.

As the big black lab and I go to fetch the paper for Mimi this morning we notice that the crumbs had moved up the long curve driveway to the next unsuspecting hickory tree. It looked like snow instead of crumbs which determined that these indeed were fresh. The one farther down the hill were now a yucky brown.

I looked up to see the unsuspecting varmits but alas they must have moved on to the next tree.