Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My little love is not even five months old but she is so lean and loving. Just look at that pose outside the log cabin on the sidewalk. She is just like John Force when I mention the word "Paper". Now I can just say it and open the door and she is off and running and only stops when she gets back to the kitchen.

She usually leaves it under the counter near the sliding glass doors but today she had a new idea and that was to hold it hostage for more treats. She put it in the back of her crate and then sat in front of it. All I would have had to done was paint a big white number 3 on her as she was using all his moves to keep the field me from reaching the front, the paper.

At other times she is a rather lazy dog. She sits and leans on the wall, counters, or person. We call her a wall flower when she does this trick. As you can tell she is holding up the kitchen wall in the picture.

She loves to play but when through she heads to her lion pillow under the sideboard. Soon she will need a bigger pillow just like the taco dog needed a bigger box. Also, I wonder how she will manage to get under the sideboard when she gets bigger.

Oh why worry as her kind were breed to curl up in a little ball in the duck blinds so hunters could have room to hunt.

Today as I write I have let her roam the house. Maybe a big mistake but she found Char Lee's favorite place in the afternoon. In the hall laying in the sun.

Sam Cat has finally figured she is here to stay and not a visitor so I would think that is the kitty justice today.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Art Venture Group gone to Turkey. 1-25-07

Mz PB&J and I were the hostess for the January luncheon. Since we come from all corners of Nashville, I suggested we meet at Anatolia on White Bridge Road. Most of the ladies when I called had no idea of what kind of resturant or where it was located. Of our 24 members, we had a total of twenty to accept the invitation. We had six pto call and let us know that they would not be coming and then we had four no shows. That left ten very creativity ladies to enjoy the Turkish fare.

The bicycle container with flowers was our door prize and Lucky J took the prize home with her. She is such a tiny little lady and so much fun to talk with about her first few months in our fair state.

As table favors, I took 3 inch clay pots and stuffed them with checked tissue paper and then put in an emery board, skin so soft hand cream, lip balm with a 2007 calendar on the outside and an envelope with a poem on the outside and purple morning glories and cypress seeds inside. The poem was as follows: "Sunshine. Dirt, Wind in your face. Makes a GARDEN A WONDERFUL Place" Then I signed my name, Kitty Justice. The ladies loved the favors and the story of the morning glory seeds. If you have read my blog you know about the morning glories.

Some of the ladies played it safe and order non traditional turkish fare but I had to have some of the wonderful stuffed grape leaves, hummus and pita bread, sweet rolls with rose petal jelly to dip them into. This was the appetizer which I shared with my pallies but it was unfortunately brought last as Bunny took the first one and ate it while we just had bread to dunk or some a salad and soup. You see Bunny had meant for it to be her meal and was unaware that I had order a sampler platter. Bunny was thilled to have made the mistake as she then ordered some Lentel soup to eat while the meal was being consumed.

I had adonna kabobs, which was grounded lamb cooked in the very tasty spices and served with yogurt sauce. It came with a bed of rice and some very well cooked vegetables. I dunked my veggies into the yogurt sauce also. YUMMMMMY!!!!!

We had the back room for privacy. It was so nice we could hear each other without having to have someone repeat themselves. On the wall as you entered the back area was jewerly for sale. Several of the ladies took advantage and bought themselves a tricket or two. They were informed that the Evil Eye jewerly was for GOOD LUCK. Also, on the walls were beautiful rugs for sale. The prices were not outrageous either.

Mz Hen and Bunny were turning the conversation into a cholestrol seminar when I asked Mz Hen if she was going to the Art Center. Saved the luncheon from a medical convention. We all have some health problems but the art lunch is not where to hear about them. You can mention the problem but let us not make a discussion of the problem.

CT has the sweetest kindest voice and she brought her calendar of the great grandchildren for all of us to see. The pictures were simply addorible. At the end of the luncheon she was telling these long jokes and we were all laughing very hard at the same time trying to remember the punch lines. Mz Hen made her repeat them so she could write them down. Bunny told her that you could get a little recorder to put on your key chain for just those kind of things and then you did not have to write them down.

I was laughing so hard I could not remember just who told a true story about a lady who had come to the emergency room and then complained obout how she was treated. Later she got her bill and on the bill was in capital letters SOB. That made her really mad so she called up the billing department to complain about being called an SOB. After listen to her rant, the clerk said lady SOB stands for shortness of breath. Again, we all fell apart laughing.

Today was rather cold a whole 37 degrees but sunny and the wind blew making feel colder but inside with the art buddies it was nice and warm. But, most of all FUN.

The kittyjustice of this day is that I am truly BLESSED to be included with such talented and funny ladies.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kitty Justice

I drew Kitty several months ago when I started blogging and can you imagine my surprise on One dozen when I opened up the package and the cute statue was given to me.

There is a talented artist who creates these statue and this one is called Meow West. But I am gonna rename her as she looks toooo much like Kitty Justice.

Prince gave me this as one of my many presents for reaching One dozen which just happen to be last Friday. It was a wonderful day and one of the few that has been warm. I met my girlfriends, Pammie Poo and CB Happy at the Loveless Cafe for lunch and then we toured all the little shops around the cafe. Pammie Poo had never been even though she is a born and breed Tn. The biggest treat is we all got to meet and talk to the Biscuit Lady, Carol Fay, sure hope I spelled her name correctly. She has been in lots of magazine and TV shows and will be on Martha Stewart this coming Wed. I plan to tape the show to watch later with Prince.

Afterwards we came back to the hill as CB Happy had made me a chocolate cake. Not one of those cake mix but a from scratch cake. No mixes for this gal. It was chocolate on chocolate and after we polished off the FOR DIE FOR CAKE!!!!! I took them to my favorite shop. It is in Bellevue and the owner is such a nice tiny lady. It is named after her "Minas". That is where Prince finds all my collectibles plus some great jewerly. It is one of those shops that you have to go round and round to try to see everything but unfortunately you have to go back as you will surely miss something. They did not get to meet Mina as she was at market that day but her better half who is always smiling and kidding was holding down the fort that day.

So if you ever get to Nashville be sure to eat at the Loveless Cafe and drive a couple of miles to Minas. You will not be disappointed. NO THEY DID NOT PAY ME TO SAY THIS. I just think you miss a big part of the flavor of our city if you do not visit them. While you on this side of town you need to drive out and see the Natchez Trace bridge as it is just like being in an airplane.

The kittyjustice if you do not go west in Nashville you have missed out on some really good sites.