Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kitty Justice

I drew Kitty several months ago when I started blogging and can you imagine my surprise on One dozen when I opened up the package and the cute statue was given to me.

There is a talented artist who creates these statue and this one is called Meow West. But I am gonna rename her as she looks toooo much like Kitty Justice.

Prince gave me this as one of my many presents for reaching One dozen which just happen to be last Friday. It was a wonderful day and one of the few that has been warm. I met my girlfriends, Pammie Poo and CB Happy at the Loveless Cafe for lunch and then we toured all the little shops around the cafe. Pammie Poo had never been even though she is a born and breed Tn. The biggest treat is we all got to meet and talk to the Biscuit Lady, Carol Fay, sure hope I spelled her name correctly. She has been in lots of magazine and TV shows and will be on Martha Stewart this coming Wed. I plan to tape the show to watch later with Prince.

Afterwards we came back to the hill as CB Happy had made me a chocolate cake. Not one of those cake mix but a from scratch cake. No mixes for this gal. It was chocolate on chocolate and after we polished off the FOR DIE FOR CAKE!!!!! I took them to my favorite shop. It is in Bellevue and the owner is such a nice tiny lady. It is named after her "Minas". That is where Prince finds all my collectibles plus some great jewerly. It is one of those shops that you have to go round and round to try to see everything but unfortunately you have to go back as you will surely miss something. They did not get to meet Mina as she was at market that day but her better half who is always smiling and kidding was holding down the fort that day.

So if you ever get to Nashville be sure to eat at the Loveless Cafe and drive a couple of miles to Minas. You will not be disappointed. NO THEY DID NOT PAY ME TO SAY THIS. I just think you miss a big part of the flavor of our city if you do not visit them. While you on this side of town you need to drive out and see the Natchez Trace bridge as it is just like being in an airplane.

The kittyjustice if you do not go west in Nashville you have missed out on some really good sites.

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