Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My little love is not even five months old but she is so lean and loving. Just look at that pose outside the log cabin on the sidewalk. She is just like John Force when I mention the word "Paper". Now I can just say it and open the door and she is off and running and only stops when she gets back to the kitchen.

She usually leaves it under the counter near the sliding glass doors but today she had a new idea and that was to hold it hostage for more treats. She put it in the back of her crate and then sat in front of it. All I would have had to done was paint a big white number 3 on her as she was using all his moves to keep the field me from reaching the front, the paper.

At other times she is a rather lazy dog. She sits and leans on the wall, counters, or person. We call her a wall flower when she does this trick. As you can tell she is holding up the kitchen wall in the picture.

She loves to play but when through she heads to her lion pillow under the sideboard. Soon she will need a bigger pillow just like the taco dog needed a bigger box. Also, I wonder how she will manage to get under the sideboard when she gets bigger.

Oh why worry as her kind were breed to curl up in a little ball in the duck blinds so hunters could have room to hunt.

Today as I write I have let her roam the house. Maybe a big mistake but she found Char Lee's favorite place in the afternoon. In the hall laying in the sun.

Sam Cat has finally figured she is here to stay and not a visitor so I would think that is the kitty justice today.

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