Sunday, February 18, 2007

Glen Leven

Looking down the driveway from the top porch window, you wonder just how many and who had done the same thing throughout the years. The smiles, the tears, the whispers that have been made by all who have stood by that same window could be felt that cold day that I took the picture. I could see the southern belle and her bow walking hand and hand and the soliders in the great war littered on the grounds awaiting their turn for medical assistance. You could hear the happy bark of a dog as a young boy chased it around the yard. In the distance the cattle were mellowing. The warm breeze of summer with a hint of grass and flowers came billowing through the window. What a wonderful place with so much history. As I stood I saw a frail woman wave at me and smile. Cousin Susan.

The kittyjustice is that she saved this magnificent place for future generations to enjoy. Let us all say a silent pray "Thank you".

Sunday, February 11, 2007


In 1969, I started work with this large private insurance company in downtown. One of the first person that captivated my interest was this tiny 4 ft. 10 in. lady who if soaking wet could not even measure eighty five pounds. She showed a zest for life that I admired. LPC was LP at that time, and she put her entire effort into any task whether it was big or small. I watched her with envy as she was not only cutest little lady I had ever seen but she was so open and never lacked for words.

Eventually she was to work in this girls place who had quit and the desk was right across from mine. I was a lowly typist, but then a typist could not use any correction tape or fluid, you had to be accurate. If you made a mistake, you started over. As we sat face to face, we started to get to know one another and we had lots in common and I loved to say something funny and make her laugh. Her laughter was just like everything else about her a true deep rumble that only she could make.

As time when on, we became close friends and that is when I learned she was not only unique but had this great BIG HEART. With what little salary she had, she started giving to the Christian Children Fund and she continues to do so. There are no telling how many unfortunates she has helped within the past 35 years. How many of us can say we have been doing something unselfish for that long?

When The Pope starts something she has the tenacity of a badger, the memory of an elephant, the heart of an angel . Someone so tiny physically has the determination to finish more than other people her size could only think about.

The past few years we have had to live in states apart but we are always close in spirit.

When Puppy was small he thought Santa Claus was a 4 foot 10 inch woman from Georgia. She showered him with truck loads of presents each year. He was always more exited about The Pope coming that the real Santa.

Unfortunately, she does not weigh less than eighty five pounds now, but after her survival from the BIG C and the treatments she took, she will not be that size again. At the time she was struggling with the BIG C I was flat of my back from surgery on my back. Now I have more than I came with, rods and screws. Since we are so close this was a very difficult time for each of us.

Alas, she is now labeled a Big C survivor and I truly believe it is from her fortitude and her wonderful spirit. To appreciate her you not only have to meet her but listen and get to know her. She was put here for the rest of us to emulate. I would have hated to lived on this earth this long without knowing her.

Since this is Valentine month, I thought y'all should at least be introduced to the woman I know who has the biggest heart.

The kitty justice is she is my best friend and not yours. Now don't you wish to be so lucky

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Prince built this birdfeeding station after the huge walnut tree which was hit by lighting had to be cut. The walnut tree had stood since the early sixties when the house was built. Prince's Dad took great pride in the fact that he placed the house in the middle of trees and only had to cut a few of them.

As you can see the feeders are more or less empty and we knew something was coming upon the upper porch at night eating the bird's food. Mainly, the suet would go missing plus the suet baskets would even be on the ground.

Last night as we were playing with Magster and watching television on the side, Prince saw a movement outside. We usually keep the curtains open so we can see all of the lights of Nashville.

Prince went to the door and turned on the outside lights. There were not one, not two, but three teenage bandits eating away. One was on the pole leaning over to the wooden feeder scarfing down striped sunflower seeds. Another was at the bottom near a square rock on the left eating the seeds that were falling on the ground. Then another came wadding along the rail from the right of the porch where we have four more feeders and another suet basket.

After the third one arrived, they all gathered at the rock and were conversing that this light and those big things in the doorway were not normal. Then from the left Number Four bandit appeared. Four raccoons!!!!!! No wonder we cannot keep the feeder full. Anyway, they looked at us and were trying to figure out if we were hostile or friendlies, Prince said "Aren't they cute". I said "Cute but mean little beggers".

Finally Number One said they are not hostiles and crawel back up the post and began eating from the wooden feeder again. Number Three and Number Four went down the porch and Number Two hung back trying to encourge Number One who continued eating to come down and run. Number One was hungry and had no intentions of leaving until his stomach was full. Prince tapped on the door. NOTHING. Prince opened the door and yelled "Get out of Here". A phrase we use quite often on the hill. Number One came lesisurely down the post and turned and looked as if to say "Spoil sports" and off he went to follow the others. I ran out on the porch and I heard their escape down the large holly tree at the end of the porch.

Now the reason I know them to be mean, was once in the 70's a baby raccoon was taken from the woods and I tried to get it to be friendly. It was not even half the size of those teenagers who are about the size of a good fat cat. Anyway, I lived in a duplex in the southern part of town with my East Tennessee roommate , Mz Repeat, and she is another story. Anyway, I kept my two Chow Chows in the basement and I named the raccoon, Rackey, and he or she also occupied the basement. Mz Repeat was disgusted with me because when we lived on the East side of town, I had tried to save this baby chicken hawk which had been kicked out of its nest. She thought I was completely NUTS and Rackey would stay on the landing of the basement steps. When she would open up the door to go do her laundry, she would yell "Come get your varmit".

I had these long leather gloves that I would pick up Rackey with and it hated me. It would growl and bite and never once act happy that I was saving its life as a baby coon does not survive in the wild without a Mother. Rackey would back my two big Chow Chows up and eat their dog food. Then when Rackey was satisfied Ming and Chu Bear could eat. Now you know why I said those teenagers were mean. If a baby, Rackey can back up Chows ( if you know anything about dogs you know they have a bad reputation) those teenagers had to be fearsome.

The kittyjustice is that the Bandits know we are watching and they can head to the neighbors feeder without the Hostiles running them away.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Calendar Girls

Over three years ago, I painted this picture as I had never painted a Geisha girl before. I usually stuck to an occasional portrait, scenery and flowers.

When I brought this finished painting home, Puppy said "That is great. I wish I had enough to cover my room". That is when the idea hit me square between the eyes. A series. But what?

After much mulling over the gran idea, I thought "how about a twelve girls and name them after the months of the year ." I did not want to just sign my name in English but Japanese. I have this half Japanese girl pal but she did not know how to write Japanese.

A dear art buddy of mine, Cat youngest daughter had married a Japanese American but he did not know how to write Japaneses either. But his dear family in California took little ole me as a family project. Cat was so proud when she brought me their reply with the months written out and my name. Now to practice.

As I worked on each Calendar Girl I was thankful that all was coming along as planned. Since most places in town are booked a year or two in advance, I went ahead and gave the Art Center pictures of my paintings. I was told it might be 2 years before I could get a show. I thought "good, that will give me time to get to Chromatics to get prints and cards made. Then after I rob the bank or sell the house, I could get the paintings framed. Now 4 of the girls are 24 X 48 and the others are 24 x 36.

I was plotting along on my course of action with the plan to go to Chromatics this month when I got a letter by snail mail from the Art Center that I had not been chosen to have a show in 2007 and to come in and pick up my pictures. The explaination given "They were too much alike, I needed varitey and suggested I submit a varitey of paintings along with another artist. WHAT? THEN DISPARE .

I felt like I had NO TALENT AND DROPPED INTO DEPRESSION. Then Corn Dog called and as always she lifted me up and I am off to carry out my plan.

The kittyjustice is that some other places will get my series "The Calendar Girls" and I hope the Art Center feel just like the ones who declined to put Elvis on the air waves.

Friday, February 02, 2007


I knew it had snowed before I left my bed. WHY?

There was a silent calm over the land. It is always really still and quite when it snows. When little I always pictured God hushing the Angels after a big pillow fight and that was why it was so very, very quite.

This was only an inch worth of the beauty white that appeared outside but it was a Welcomed event.

The last time we had a real snow was four years ago and it caused a major headache for most people since they were still at work and school.

I hope we do not have to wait another four years and the next time I hope God yells at those naughty Angels so we will have more than an inch of the pearly white stuff to blanket our part of this wonderful earth.

The kittyjustice is that it is Groundhog day. No shadow today.


Groundhog day in Tennessee came with a light dusting of snow. When I opened the door for Maggie's morning walk, she stopped dead still and would not venture out into this blanket of white until I coached her out by walking out into it houseshoes and all. After about ten feet into the white blanket, she thought if it is good enough for the Woman it is okay for me.

Then like most youngsters she did not wish to come back in after she had made yellow snow. So I let her run and slide and after awhile she was ready to come in for her treat.