Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Calendar Girls

Over three years ago, I painted this picture as I had never painted a Geisha girl before. I usually stuck to an occasional portrait, scenery and flowers.

When I brought this finished painting home, Puppy said "That is great. I wish I had enough to cover my room". That is when the idea hit me square between the eyes. A series. But what?

After much mulling over the gran idea, I thought "how about a twelve girls and name them after the months of the year ." I did not want to just sign my name in English but Japanese. I have this half Japanese girl pal but she did not know how to write Japanese.

A dear art buddy of mine, Cat youngest daughter had married a Japanese American but he did not know how to write Japaneses either. But his dear family in California took little ole me as a family project. Cat was so proud when she brought me their reply with the months written out and my name. Now to practice.

As I worked on each Calendar Girl I was thankful that all was coming along as planned. Since most places in town are booked a year or two in advance, I went ahead and gave the Art Center pictures of my paintings. I was told it might be 2 years before I could get a show. I thought "good, that will give me time to get to Chromatics to get prints and cards made. Then after I rob the bank or sell the house, I could get the paintings framed. Now 4 of the girls are 24 X 48 and the others are 24 x 36.

I was plotting along on my course of action with the plan to go to Chromatics this month when I got a letter by snail mail from the Art Center that I had not been chosen to have a show in 2007 and to come in and pick up my pictures. The explaination given "They were too much alike, I needed varitey and suggested I submit a varitey of paintings along with another artist. WHAT? THEN DISPARE .

I felt like I had NO TALENT AND DROPPED INTO DEPRESSION. Then Corn Dog called and as always she lifted me up and I am off to carry out my plan.

The kittyjustice is that some other places will get my series "The Calendar Girls" and I hope the Art Center feel just like the ones who declined to put Elvis on the air waves.

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Corn Dog said...

Your picture is gorgeous. I think you would have gotten snapped up out here for a show right away.