Sunday, February 18, 2007

Glen Leven

Looking down the driveway from the top porch window, you wonder just how many and who had done the same thing throughout the years. The smiles, the tears, the whispers that have been made by all who have stood by that same window could be felt that cold day that I took the picture. I could see the southern belle and her bow walking hand and hand and the soliders in the great war littered on the grounds awaiting their turn for medical assistance. You could hear the happy bark of a dog as a young boy chased it around the yard. In the distance the cattle were mellowing. The warm breeze of summer with a hint of grass and flowers came billowing through the window. What a wonderful place with so much history. As I stood I saw a frail woman wave at me and smile. Cousin Susan.

The kittyjustice is that she saved this magnificent place for future generations to enjoy. Let us all say a silent pray "Thank you".

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