Friday, February 02, 2007


Groundhog day in Tennessee came with a light dusting of snow. When I opened the door for Maggie's morning walk, she stopped dead still and would not venture out into this blanket of white until I coached her out by walking out into it houseshoes and all. After about ten feet into the white blanket, she thought if it is good enough for the Woman it is okay for me.

Then like most youngsters she did not wish to come back in after she had made yellow snow. So I let her run and slide and after awhile she was ready to come in for her treat.


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Lady Di Tn said...

jd 5231
Thanks. I will show it to Puppy as he does most of the computor stuff. I am only allowed to do routine stuff. I guess you would call that kittyjustice.
thanks again
lady di tn