Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Just like my Mother, I walk around each day to see what is blooming and if other plants have even lifted their heads out of the dirt. These plants and a few trees are what I found yesterday.

Still looking for that first hummer. When the aguga purple spikes arise the hummers always show up and sometimes come to the sliding glass door asking why their food is not outside. We have had it out now for over a week and still we have not seen one. Maybe they have gotten sneaky and are coming while we are not watching.

When Prince and I married there were very few flowers and hardly any grass because the man who worked on the farm cut the grass so short that it would die .

The kitty justice is that I took over the yard and like my Mother and Grandfather, started digging in the dirt. They could grow things on rocks however, I am not that good YET.

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Corn Dog said...

Great Photos! Looks like spring has sprung on the hill in time for Easter.