Saturday, April 21, 2007


First of all, Mz Kitty has been down for the count ALL WEEK with a hurt back. I cannot emotional handle this very good as I love to be active. I can always find something to do even if it is clean a toilet.

One day a week Mimi goes about a couple of miles not on any main streets to get her hair done. This like the grocery store is a MUST.

Every time she returns from getting her hair done she has a happy expression as she does have the prettiest white hair anyone would ever want. I try to always find out what has gone on at the beauty parlor as we southern call it. She was in a DITHER DITHER.

I wanted to know what had happen and she said she had lost her checkbook. I asked the normal questions, Where did you have it last? Did you look in your car as it could have fallen out of your purse? To all my inquires she had done it at least four or five times.

With much pain and effort, I check each side of her car both front and back. No checkbook. Puppy happen to come home from college so I asked him to check her car. With a huff she told us "we have already done that." Puppy immediately went and looked and could not locate it.

Mimi was sure she had dropped it when she got out of the car to get a check cashed so she could tip the girl who washes her hair. I advised she needs to go through the drive threw window so she does not have to get out but she had a answer to that one too. "I needed some ones she pouted". I advised there is a call button to ask for certain denominations. It was if I had spoken to the air. I was on OLD PERSON IGNORE.

I called the local bank number and was transferred to some foreign area of the world. I was told they would put a stop payment on the two hundred dollar check written for cash and also a stop on the block of checks in her checkbook. I started asking questions which the expert could not answer so I was transferred to the Fraud section of the deep bowels of this wonderful banking organization. The teenager who answered said in a I cannot believe this voice "that the check for cash could be altered by one penny and be cashed and the stop payment only lasted six months. The best thing Mimi could do was change her account number.etc.etc. etc. "

I grab my ice pack and tell Mimi I need to lay down for 15 minutes and she said she had her bank statement and wanted to check them off against her ledger. I knew that would be awhile so I left her to her madness.

I looked at the clock and it was almost 3pm and that is closing time for the bank. I told Mimi we need to go. Now she wanted to put it off and I knew she would only WORRY WORRY WORRY until the case of the missing checkbook was closed.

She reluctantly put her ledger in the back seat and then got in to drive. I had not driven since I hurt my back and really had not even been out so I was not looking forward to our journey. I could hardly move my right arm so I had to reach across with my left to close the passenger door.

She started backing out of the garage and then could not judge the distance of the garage opening so she see sawed the car. We roared down the driveway and with a jerk and a quick step on the gas we were on the lane. She rolls through the 4 way stop and then gas and go down the hill. Scree to stop at the red light. Gas and go again and by this time I felt like a puppet on a string. Finally we get to road to pull out so we can turn into the bank. As soon as we turned right she hit the gas and the eight cinders leaped into action and then she let off the gas and we almost came to a stand still. At that point, I was determined to DRIVE BACK HOME. Hurt or not, I could not endure another ride with Mimi.

I am already out of the car going around to the back seat to get her ledger and there it is THE MISSING CHECKBOOK. With all the erratic driving it had slide from its hiding place and was in the floorboard of the back seat driver side.

I laughed that horse laugh of mine and said "LOOK WHAT I FOUND". She was so relieved that she did not have to change her bank account that she had forever.

We laughed all the way home. First she would giggle and then I.

The kitty justice is that she got a good nights sleep and I will never ever let her drive me again. Now watch next week she will want to drive me to the shop. YIKES AND DOUBLE YIKES.

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