Sunday, April 15, 2007


Big O turned SIXTY this last week and his little red headed wife wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party. Big O was not gonna have that so it was turned into JUST a fish fry at the river.

Prince and Big O became best friends after they had married sisters. The sisters are history but they are still the best of friends. Big O is in the middle.

O's little red headed wife is the one in the green sweater and her nickname should be Chatter Box. She can say more in five minutes than most southern can say in a week. Could it be because she works for the phone company. Nuf said.

Prince and I were a couple hours late for the party. Prince is not an on time guy. I accepted that fact before we wed and I have not tried to change him. Why mess with an original.

As the Z71 headed west it continued to rain and then drizzle but never stop. The party was located at the storage buildings that Big O has for boats to rent. He will even take your boat out and launch it for you so all you have to do is step on the boat and push off.

Since we were late most of the fish had been devoured but there were a few good strips for Prince and I. J D the body builder (you have to guess which one) and Chatter Box cooked the fish and it was delicious.

I was rather taken aback when I saw that Wife #1 was at the party. To say Wife #1 and Chatter Box & Big O have had a stormy relation is an understatement. It is more like a F5 tornado.

Little O was there with his cute little sweetheart. Big O was upset with the bling Little O has put in his ears. I would be upset too if Puppy did that but what can you do once they turn 21. Big O just shook his head as Little O told me that he was not going to school and no longer worked in the restaurant business. He was following a band around the country selling t- shirts.

Little O said he was having fun just seeing all the new places. He is young with no children or wife so this is the perfect time for him to have wander lust.

Prince and I were the life of the party with our bottled water in hand. He was driving and Type II has put a damper on my social drinking. We did not feel the need to explain and continued to sip straight water. The beer companies would have been proud of this gathering. I am sure after we left someone made comments about us not being sociable.

Prince and Mr E who we had not met before were conversing about the roads and the small towns of the area when Mr. E stated "Hwy 49 is as crooked as Hell." I thought to myself "Now just how crooked is Hell".

Everyone there had known each other for most of their lives and if you needed something, one of them would jump in an help. Good people.

I was rather amused by Mr. Kubota because if he did not fly planes he would not have had anything to talk about. I guess he needs something to spin yarns about since his wife ran off with another woman. Not done in the country.

There was an x mayor of a small town and just good down to earth county people who had worked hard and made good. Raised children and were now Grandparents.

Big O's sister who was dressed in camo had in her arms a tiny dog in a sweater with toe nails painted hot pink. Big O was disgusted with painting a dog's toe nails as much as he was with his son's ear rings.

Wife #1 was talking about this leather couch she had found and she went on and on about how unusual and comfortable it was. When looking at it she had her girl pal sit down on the couch beside her so she could tell whether or not her girl pal would sit too close to her. Closeness was a problem if the person next to her was a girl . I could not help but think of the show on television where the main guy character had trouble scratching another guys back. Like it took away some of his masculinity. I guess sitting too close to another girl would rob her of some of her girlishness.

As the majority of the women smoked like trains heading out of town, I listened to the blond section talking about how to potty in a portable boat potty. I wanted to laugh a horse laugh with the description they were all giving however I could not do so as they were being SERIOUS.

I was unable to get a good picture OF THE BEST GUEST as he was so black. His name was Superman and he was a real polite working lab. He stayed by his Masters side at all times. I was informed by Big O that he had been to school and he would retrieve on hand signals. I petted his wet head and told him what a GOOD DOG HE WAS. He looked at me as if to say "I know this now where is the FOOD".

The kitty justice was we had a nice drive back in the Z71 and when I got home I told Maggie what a good girl she was and Puppy how proud I was that he was still in school and did not have tattoos or ear rings. Hopefully he will stay true to himself and not follow the crowd.

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