Sunday, April 08, 2007


Her birthday is tomorrow and she would not have approved of my long smoke in hand but she would have absolutely loved my hat and the color of my outfit.

Vinia (pronounced vI Na) Mai Christian Kirby love bright colors and sparkling clothes. The more bling the better. She loved to yodel and buck dance. She could sew outfits that looked as if you bought them in the most expense stores.

Gardening was her passion and therapy. As I have stated before she could grow anything anywhere. Even on rocks. All she had to do was touch the seed or plant and her green magic would make it burst forth into something we would all admire.

Every time I would go home, Mother and I would walk around the yard to see what was coming up and blooming. I can thank her for my love of digging in the dirt.

Mother would spend as much of her time outside as possible and then she would bring in the fruits of her labor and proceed to can them for all of us to enjoy in the winter. She did a little freezing of vegetables but she would rather can than freeze.

Mother had soft light brown eyes just like her fathers and also she sported his cold black hair. In later years she would dye it so it would still be that cold black. Her laughter was like the tinkling of a wind chime. She truly enjoyed life even the most simplest things would give her pleasure.

I would like to list some of the things she imparted to me.

1. Always treat people the way you wish to be treated.
2. DO NOT ask someone to do something that you would not do yourself.
3. Don't leave your manners at home.
4. If you cannot say anything good, keep quiet.

There are others but those can wait for another day. I can still hear her voice as she would say each one. Her voice was high pitched and always a hint of laughter in it like she knew of a secret joke.

The most important thing, she was truly religious and not once did she proclaim that she was a Christian. She lived by example.

You would never enter her home without her asking "Are you hungry? Can I fix you something to eat? Do you need something to drink?" After these three questions would be answered then she would relax and visit.

The last years of her life, she spent more days in the hospital than at home.She NEVER complained and the last thing she said to Dad was "I will stay with you as long as I can." She survived cancer and heart problems. But alas Diabetes made her kidneys give up and she was not strong enough to survive dialysis. After the second time in dialysis she closed her eyes goodbye.

Mother and I were not often on the same page as she was with my sister and brother however, I loved her dearly. So the kittyjustice is if you still have a Mother enjoy her even if it drives you CRAZY because someday she will be GONE.


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