Sunday, May 27, 2007


Freedom is not cheap
Just ask the Mothers who weep
The Fathers who cannot sleep
For their child that will forever sleep.

I am so thankful for each and everyone
Peace be with you, even if the battle was not won.

You made it possible for us to enjoy this day
For those who are still at war, we will Pray.

The Kitty Justice is we do not speak German, Korean, Vietnamese or Arabic. Thanks be to God.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


For those of you who did not know my Dad he was a rounder. He loved beer, wild women, and Honky Tonks. He was definitely not the marring kind. I often wondered why Mother stayed with him over 50 years.

I had long moved to Nashville and my little brother was married. Little Brother called and told me Dad was in jail again. He was gonna let him spend the night and then take him home.

The story goes he had gone for a beer in Wilson county and was about to pass out so he stopped the big red Plymouth on the side of the road. Big mistake. A state trooper pulled up to check if anything was wrong and when he pulled along side the Plymouth, Dad woke up and threw gravels all over the cop's car. At that point, Dad's over activity imagination made him think himself Richard Petty on a track home to win the race.

Every police car in Wilson county could not catch him and then Smith county troopers joined the chase. Alas, just like an unlucky nascar driver he blew his engine before he could make the driveway.

In horrid Mother watched them handcuff him and off to jail he was taken. She had endured his bad behavior for years and she was feed up with it.

She never told any of us kids what happen when Little Brother brought Dad home the next morning. Dad told Little Brother and he got down in the floor laughing at him which made Dad huff " It is not funny". Little Brother only laughed harder.

As Dad had told Little Brother, Mother was waiting for him behind the front door with an iron skillet in hand. She hit him as soon as he came into the room and continued to hit him. He was bruised rather badly per Little Brother. But all the time she was hitting him she was saying " I have put up with this for years and it stops now or -------.

I think she got the message across that drinking was not allowed ever again. He never touched a drop afterwards and he was a whole different person when he died.

The Kitty Justice is that we children would have never known of frying pan sobriety unless Dad had not told off on himself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was accepted a week ago but as I was wondering to say something or just keep it to myself and massage it a little more , now I am ready to tell all.

I have a one woman show at the Brentwood Library in January 2009 for The Calendar Girls. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time.

I will have ample time to get everything planned. I still need to settle on the frames. I have to make up note cards, invitations and prepare a reception. The receptions are on Sunday afternoons.

I have asked for help from my good buddy Cat and my only Japanese girl friend Carol. Carol was delighted and has lots of authentic items to use.

I want to have Japanese music playing softly in the background. I will need lots of help with what to serve etc etc.

I have all these things to do and need to do traveling like a freight train threw the gray matter of my mind.

The Kitty Justice will be to live long enough to enjoy that moment. Pray someone will cancel next year or within the next six months as I will have to call on all the patience I have to wait until 2009.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ah, when she walked across the stage to receive her diploma, twelve years just went by like a gust of wind.

When Cousin Alyssa was born, Puppy was two years old and as time went along they became playmates being the only kids on the hill.

Puppy got this little battery operated jeep one year on his birthday and it became the toy of choice for both of them. One would jump in and go on a pretend errand or they would take turns riding each other around.

He was a blond as she was brown headed and his eyes were blue and hers the deepest brown.

One day as I was working in the yard they were doing their usual spins in the jeep. Alyssa was alone in the jeep and she stopped it on the basketball court , jumped out and yelled to Puppy "Honey, I am home."

The Kitty Justice is that wonderful memory with run across my mind each time I look at the beautiful young woman Alyssa has become.

Friday, May 18, 2007


When we had one of those Tennessee thunderstroms last Friday, our cable was fried and since Puppy first year of college is over, he had gone into his night mode of operation. Sleeping all day and staying up all night.

Since he could not get on the Internet, he thought he would work on my computer. He is a computer science major and I knew he was only spreading his wings so I was confident that all would be well. NOT. He completed a process he called defragmenting.

Something went wrong as the computer became useless. His buddy came over last night and just like Humpty Dumpty they were trying to get it put back together again.

They took out the hard drive and put it on Puppy's computer and are in the process of placing my files on disk.

  • The Kitty Justice of all this is that I am typing on a tiny laptop and making typing error galore. I want to yell I do not need any help misspelling as I am a terrible speller, even with spell check.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Yes, ole Kitty is giving up the selling of Avon's to simplify my life. I could be a part time rep but then I would have to put up GIANT FLAGS to remember to order something every 3rd campaign.

I have used Avon's all my adult life and my skin not to brag is perfect especially for one who is 57. When Prince's job was eliminated in the downsizing of the big Telecommunication's company he worked for over 15 years, I thought I would start selling Avon's just to get the discount on what I used.

This was very handy to in reducing my cost but with all the DEALS offered I found myself spending more than I was making. BIG MISTAKE.

I have a handful of customers and with trying to order one week and then deliver the next week was a real hassle. The Reps who had big orders they must have used 10 tanks of gas to deliver.

So with all the hoopla with being President of the shop, I needed to start simplifying plus I need to spend my time trying to secure venues for the Girls. I meet with someone this coming Monday afternoon. Wish me luck.

The Kitty Justice is I will spend more on future Avon products but will not be tempted to buy as much.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yesterday I put on my straw hat and gloves, picked up my planting tools and had a few good hours of dirt therapy.

I only ventured in the front yard to replace my knock out rose bush. Maybe this one will survive since I put a small 2 foot metal green fence around both of the roses. It looks rather like giant papa bear and baby bear. The papa bear rose is a good foot and a half taller than baby bear rose. Ah, nature is so wonderful that baby bear rose will catch up.

In the oriental pot on the porch, I planted a dark and light pink impatiens. I alternated them so once they spread their wings they will make a beautiful compliment to the porch.

I planted two pink and white geraniums in each big wooden barrel planter . I had lost my rosemary so I got a new plant to replace it. I just love the smell of rosemary and geraniums.

The Kitty Justice is dirt therapy is so cheap just look outside. Grab a tool and get going.

Did you see anything near the fence?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I was dropped into the right family as they have history all the way back to the Mayflower. Not Kidding.

Unfortunately, not any were really excited about the history and only Mimi could tell us where the article and facts were squirrelled.

One Christmas, I was imparting the portrait history when Nephew said quite frankly "Once a year is not enough". Thus, it dawned on me to put together a little copy of history for each Nephew and one little Niece. I spent a year making pictures and copies and then I decorated the notebooks with pictures and put lots history of the family into the notebook. If Kimmie wants to be a Colonial Dane in the future she is now armed with documents.

In my search I found a picture of Mimi's father and I had copies made for Prince's sister and brother for a nice Christmas present. Each had never seen a picture of their Grandfather. I guess their heads were lost in the 60's and 70's. I could not believe with all this HISTORY, NO ONE was really interested.

I have always described In Laws as Out Laws and I am an Out Law and I know more of the history than any of the others. I am the keeper and I just love it.

We just got some more old papers from our Cousin estate and I spent one cold afternoon in the early 1800. It was letters written by Great Great Grandma Eliza to her husband Great Great Grandfather John R. Their home in Nashville was where the Airport run way is today the home was called "Waveland". Eliza was staying at Waveland and John R who was a doctor, was at the Plantation in Mississippi. I laughed out loud when Eliza referred to Mississippi as a foreign land.

The Kitty Justice of being the keeper of family history is I inform Cousin Corn Dog too often of things she might wish to never know. This love of history was also one of the many things Cousin Beth and I had in common.

By the way, the picture of the clock was from our time spent in Memphis but I thought it appropriate.

Monday, May 07, 2007


I put on my glamor picture today as I am running on empty. I am the President of The This N That Thrift shop and we give all our profits to St. Luke's. If you care to see what they do just go to

All the workers at the shop are volunteers which is the reason we can give all our profits to St. Luke's. The shop has been in existence for 36 years and some of the volunteers have been there that long.

We have been trying to get more volunteers but as soon as a new volunteer appears, two to three of the old volunteers drop out.( due to illness, family illness or just vacations etc).

I go to this huge Episcopal Church and it has 3,000 members but not even one percent volunteer at the shop. I guess it is because it is not glamorous and you will get dirty especially if you work on Mondays getting the shop ready for the public. Also, you will never have your picture in the paper so if you cannot be an unsung hero then you need not apply.

The shop is not like some Non Profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. I have been told they have a multimillion dollar building to operate as a home office. We only have an old house that hopefully will soon get a new roof and a new paint job.

Why am I running on empty? It is because you request and request for people to volunteer and come up EMPTY. How many have we had who sign up and never even call our volunteer coordinator back? How many volunteer show up and then find out the work is too hard or too dirty for them? How many come and work ONCE AND NEVER RETURN? TOOOOOO Many.

All we need is just three hours a week, or month or year from volunteers. Some movies are longer than that and you have to pay for them. This is free and you get a good feeling that you have HELPED OTHERS.

The Kitty Justice is I will keep on working even on EMPTY because I can go to New York Avenue and see what my efforts are accomplishing.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


As stated in a previous post, I worked for three years painting My Calendar Girls. Each on is name after a month of the year thus the projects name.

I have finally took them to Chromatics and had prints made of each and now to mortgage the house to frame them. Chromatics also made me a DVD which I can take to a suitable place to get cards made.

I am still seeking a venue for my first ever one woman show. Most of the places here are booked at least 2 years in advance. I hope Father Time does not knock on my door before I finally live my dream.

The KITTY JUSTICE is that I am simpling my life so I can work on securing a place to show my girls.

This is a two fold title. The seventy five house plants are in their prepestive corners and the leaves on the trees are finally coming back from the killing frost on Easter. The Easter Bunny was not kind by freezing the green off all things wonderful.

At one time I was the proud Mother of one hundred and fifty five house plants, therefore I am happy to say half have grown up and been given away. I plan to downsize even more this fall and not bring in as many as last fall. I inheirted my Mother's and her Father's green tumb and have a hard time getting rid of anything that might take root and grow.

The sad thing is that I still have not mastered roses and Southern Living had Knock Out roses that they said were fool proof. I like to find plants or anything CHEAP so when I invested in two of these roses it was a rather big investment for me. Now one has died with the help of MD. The other looks rather pitiful. I put up a fence so MD could not excavate them again and then she dug right beside the fence. Must be a body down there she is trying to uncover.

So are you wondering what the kitty justice happens to be. It is now I can water with a hose not a can.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Each morning, I take the paper wrapping from Prince's water bottle he had in his lunch the previous day and hand it to Maggie to enjoy.

The CRUNCH and CRACKLE are enough to wake the whole house. After the bottle has been silence, she will take it to her favorite spot. Her bed in the front hall by the front window is surrounded by all her toys. It actually looks likes Dog R Us has exploded.

In the afternoon the sun comes through the window and she enjoys the warmth and lazy dog days.

The Kitty Justice is that we do not have to mash the plastic bottles to recycle.