Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ah, when she walked across the stage to receive her diploma, twelve years just went by like a gust of wind.

When Cousin Alyssa was born, Puppy was two years old and as time went along they became playmates being the only kids on the hill.

Puppy got this little battery operated jeep one year on his birthday and it became the toy of choice for both of them. One would jump in and go on a pretend errand or they would take turns riding each other around.

He was a blond as she was brown headed and his eyes were blue and hers the deepest brown.

One day as I was working in the yard they were doing their usual spins in the jeep. Alyssa was alone in the jeep and she stopped it on the basketball court , jumped out and yelled to Puppy "Honey, I am home."

The Kitty Justice is that wonderful memory with run across my mind each time I look at the beautiful young woman Alyssa has become.


Lee said...

The years flash by all too quickly...thanks for memories, though...they are what keep us sane...and happy. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Memories are all we will take with us and some folks just do not get that but I am glad you do.