Friday, May 11, 2007


Yes, ole Kitty is giving up the selling of Avon's to simplify my life. I could be a part time rep but then I would have to put up GIANT FLAGS to remember to order something every 3rd campaign.

I have used Avon's all my adult life and my skin not to brag is perfect especially for one who is 57. When Prince's job was eliminated in the downsizing of the big Telecommunication's company he worked for over 15 years, I thought I would start selling Avon's just to get the discount on what I used.

This was very handy to in reducing my cost but with all the DEALS offered I found myself spending more than I was making. BIG MISTAKE.

I have a handful of customers and with trying to order one week and then deliver the next week was a real hassle. The Reps who had big orders they must have used 10 tanks of gas to deliver.

So with all the hoopla with being President of the shop, I needed to start simplifying plus I need to spend my time trying to secure venues for the Girls. I meet with someone this coming Monday afternoon. Wish me luck.

The Kitty Justice is I will spend more on future Avon products but will not be tempted to buy as much.


Lee said...

Similar happened to me a few years back when I decided to sell Avon...I bought more than I normally would have! So tempting...and I'm so weak! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

My last order arrives today. Temptation will go elsewhere I am sure.