Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yesterday I put on my straw hat and gloves, picked up my planting tools and had a few good hours of dirt therapy.

I only ventured in the front yard to replace my knock out rose bush. Maybe this one will survive since I put a small 2 foot metal green fence around both of the roses. It looks rather like giant papa bear and baby bear. The papa bear rose is a good foot and a half taller than baby bear rose. Ah, nature is so wonderful that baby bear rose will catch up.

In the oriental pot on the porch, I planted a dark and light pink impatiens. I alternated them so once they spread their wings they will make a beautiful compliment to the porch.

I planted two pink and white geraniums in each big wooden barrel planter . I had lost my rosemary so I got a new plant to replace it. I just love the smell of rosemary and geraniums.

The Kitty Justice is dirt therapy is so cheap just look outside. Grab a tool and get going.

Did you see anything near the fence?


Corn Dog said...

I wouldn't have seen the deer if you hadn't pointed them out. Hard to believe they are so bold. It is really green there and so beautiful.

Lady Di Tn said...

Not bold just babies. Yes everything is beginning to get green again after the Easter freeze. We still have a few brown leaves to fall but it is Tn green.

Lee said...

Yep...I can see them. Your area looks so similar to here where I live, Lady di, except we don't have deer...lots of hares and other Aussie nocturnal animals...and many varieties of birds...some beautifully coloured.

Lady Di Tn said...

lee I will be happy to capture and send you some of our pretty rats on hooves. They are great to watch and delicious to eat but we have toooo many with all the development in this area. They have almost become domestic as they come right up to the front door to devore my hosta and right up to the back porch to eat my tomatoes. I am sure they would love to multiple on your side of the world.

Lee said...

There are quite a few areas around here (not on this mountain) that are having problems with deer, too. Some of the outer suburbs of Brisbane, capital of Queensland have an abundance of them roaming around these days and causing destruction apparently. But we have none up here where I live...not yet, anyway.

Lady Di Tn said...

you are really lucky. The Tennessee Wildlife Management turned loose whitetail deer here back in the 70's and now they have mulitiplied profusely. Just like the rattlesnakes they turned loose in the county where I grew up about 50 miles east of Nashville.My brother and I would hunt in the Horseshoe Bend area, which is a very rural area but not any more. Too many snakes.