Saturday, May 05, 2007


This is a two fold title. The seventy five house plants are in their prepestive corners and the leaves on the trees are finally coming back from the killing frost on Easter. The Easter Bunny was not kind by freezing the green off all things wonderful.

At one time I was the proud Mother of one hundred and fifty five house plants, therefore I am happy to say half have grown up and been given away. I plan to downsize even more this fall and not bring in as many as last fall. I inheirted my Mother's and her Father's green tumb and have a hard time getting rid of anything that might take root and grow.

The sad thing is that I still have not mastered roses and Southern Living had Knock Out roses that they said were fool proof. I like to find plants or anything CHEAP so when I invested in two of these roses it was a rather big investment for me. Now one has died with the help of MD. The other looks rather pitiful. I put up a fence so MD could not excavate them again and then she dug right beside the fence. Must be a body down there she is trying to uncover.

So are you wondering what the kitty justice happens to be. It is now I can water with a hose not a can.

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