Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was accepted a week ago but as I was wondering to say something or just keep it to myself and massage it a little more , now I am ready to tell all.

I have a one woman show at the Brentwood Library in January 2009 for The Calendar Girls. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time.

I will have ample time to get everything planned. I still need to settle on the frames. I have to make up note cards, invitations and prepare a reception. The receptions are on Sunday afternoons.

I have asked for help from my good buddy Cat and my only Japanese girl friend Carol. Carol was delighted and has lots of authentic items to use.

I want to have Japanese music playing softly in the background. I will need lots of help with what to serve etc etc.

I have all these things to do and need to do traveling like a freight train threw the gray matter of my mind.

The Kitty Justice will be to live long enough to enjoy that moment. Pray someone will cancel next year or within the next six months as I will have to call on all the patience I have to wait until 2009.


Corn Dog said...


Lee said...

How exciting for you Lady Di...I second those congrulations! :) *clap* *clap*

I can imagine your impatience. I'd be the same way. That is great news. All the very best to you. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks, CD and Lee. I purchased a Japanese doll at the TNT yesterday as I had to fill in for a volunteer and she will be great for decorations for the reception. If My Computer was running I would post a picture of her. She looks like something I would paint. Wonders never cease as what shows up at the shop.