Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I was dropped into the right family as they have history all the way back to the Mayflower. Not Kidding.

Unfortunately, not any were really excited about the history and only Mimi could tell us where the article and facts were squirrelled.

One Christmas, I was imparting the portrait history when Nephew said quite frankly "Once a year is not enough". Thus, it dawned on me to put together a little copy of history for each Nephew and one little Niece. I spent a year making pictures and copies and then I decorated the notebooks with pictures and put lots history of the family into the notebook. If Kimmie wants to be a Colonial Dane in the future she is now armed with documents.

In my search I found a picture of Mimi's father and I had copies made for Prince's sister and brother for a nice Christmas present. Each had never seen a picture of their Grandfather. I guess their heads were lost in the 60's and 70's. I could not believe with all this HISTORY, NO ONE was really interested.

I have always described In Laws as Out Laws and I am an Out Law and I know more of the history than any of the others. I am the keeper and I just love it.

We just got some more old papers from our Cousin estate and I spent one cold afternoon in the early 1800. It was letters written by Great Great Grandma Eliza to her husband Great Great Grandfather John R. Their home in Nashville was where the Airport run way is today the home was called "Waveland". Eliza was staying at Waveland and John R who was a doctor, was at the Plantation in Mississippi. I laughed out loud when Eliza referred to Mississippi as a foreign land.

The Kitty Justice of being the keeper of family history is I inform Cousin Corn Dog too often of things she might wish to never know. This love of history was also one of the many things Cousin Beth and I had in common.

By the way, the picture of the clock was from our time spent in Memphis but I thought it appropriate.


Corn Dog said...

Love the picture of the clock. I never think of you as an out law. I always forget. It is funny too because my brother's wife is the time keeper for certain events also. At least we have you guys in the know.

Lee said...

It's such a great idea to record one's family history...I should really do that as I'm the only one left who knows anything about the history of where "we" came from. I don't have children but my late brother had three kids...who are now having children of their own...and I'm the only one left on this side of the I should drag out all the old family photos etc., and put together a record for them.

Lady Di Tn said...

CD I always keep camera in hand in case I see something I might like to paint. Thus the clock. I enjoy being the keeper as I have always loved history and this family is full of it on both sides. At least Puppy and his cousins will have facts at hand in the dandy notebook.

Please get busy because if you fly off into the sunset the history will be lost and that would be a real shame. Go back as far as you can and list dates and places. I even put where people were married etc and where they were born etc etc. Also, make sure you list the grave site. Someone may want to visit someday. Copies of newspaper articles. But then again I had excellent sources but had to find where all were squirelled away.