Thursday, May 03, 2007


Each morning, I take the paper wrapping from Prince's water bottle he had in his lunch the previous day and hand it to Maggie to enjoy.

The CRUNCH and CRACKLE are enough to wake the whole house. After the bottle has been silence, she will take it to her favorite spot. Her bed in the front hall by the front window is surrounded by all her toys. It actually looks likes Dog R Us has exploded.

In the afternoon the sun comes through the window and she enjoys the warmth and lazy dog days.

The Kitty Justice is that we do not have to mash the plastic bottles to recycle.


Lee said...

I just love that look on Maggie's face! What a fine looking dog she is...don't tell her I said that, though...she might get a swelled head. ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog, Lady Di...don't be a are always most welcome. :)

Corn Dog said...

WOW! She is all grown up now. No more baby face. She looks so majestic and has a the most beautiful blue black coat.

Lady Di Tn said...

MD is not only beautiful but really smart. Prince keeps saying she is the smartest lab he has ever owned.

Cousin Corn Dog
MD is about 50 lbs and all muscle. She still runs 90 miles an hour to get the paper. Her coat swirls and turns which catches the light and she has a balboon butt but it is black not red. Her parents were HUGE but since she will soon be eight months old I think she must have been a runt.