Friday, May 18, 2007


When we had one of those Tennessee thunderstroms last Friday, our cable was fried and since Puppy first year of college is over, he had gone into his night mode of operation. Sleeping all day and staying up all night.

Since he could not get on the Internet, he thought he would work on my computer. He is a computer science major and I knew he was only spreading his wings so I was confident that all would be well. NOT. He completed a process he called defragmenting.

Something went wrong as the computer became useless. His buddy came over last night and just like Humpty Dumpty they were trying to get it put back together again.

They took out the hard drive and put it on Puppy's computer and are in the process of placing my files on disk.

  • The Kitty Justice of all this is that I am typing on a tiny laptop and making typing error galore. I want to yell I do not need any help misspelling as I am a terrible speller, even with spell check.


Lee said...

I hate it when I'm without my computer! I suffer horrendous withdrawals...and when anyone else has their hands on it, I'm like an over-protective mother!

Lady Di Tn said...

I have told Puppy over and over I want my computer fixed and today Maybe it registered. I hate this lap top as it was made for dwarfs and those with bad attitudes. If you happen to begin with a good attitude you end up with a bad one before you finish. I plan to put up CAUTON tape and SIGNS if the ole girl ever gets put back together again.

one more thing, there is a corner in Hell for whoever invented the lap top........