Monday, May 07, 2007


I put on my glamor picture today as I am running on empty. I am the President of The This N That Thrift shop and we give all our profits to St. Luke's. If you care to see what they do just go to

All the workers at the shop are volunteers which is the reason we can give all our profits to St. Luke's. The shop has been in existence for 36 years and some of the volunteers have been there that long.

We have been trying to get more volunteers but as soon as a new volunteer appears, two to three of the old volunteers drop out.( due to illness, family illness or just vacations etc).

I go to this huge Episcopal Church and it has 3,000 members but not even one percent volunteer at the shop. I guess it is because it is not glamorous and you will get dirty especially if you work on Mondays getting the shop ready for the public. Also, you will never have your picture in the paper so if you cannot be an unsung hero then you need not apply.

The shop is not like some Non Profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. I have been told they have a multimillion dollar building to operate as a home office. We only have an old house that hopefully will soon get a new roof and a new paint job.

Why am I running on empty? It is because you request and request for people to volunteer and come up EMPTY. How many have we had who sign up and never even call our volunteer coordinator back? How many volunteer show up and then find out the work is too hard or too dirty for them? How many come and work ONCE AND NEVER RETURN? TOOOOOO Many.

All we need is just three hours a week, or month or year from volunteers. Some movies are longer than that and you have to pay for them. This is free and you get a good feeling that you have HELPED OTHERS.

The Kitty Justice is I will keep on working even on EMPTY because I can go to New York Avenue and see what my efforts are accomplishing.


Lee said...

Your ceramic madame reminds me a little of Carol Channing!

I hope you succeed in your drive for volunteers,Lady appears you have a difficult chore in getting them...and keeping them.

Lady Di Tn said...

Wilson,my husband, known as Prince on the blog bought me the cermaic figure for my birthday as he thought it looke like a Kitty Justice.

Most of our volunteers have either been working at the shop forever and now are at the age that they need help however the younger generation do not have the dedication of the older generation. I will keep trying just like a badger.