Sunday, June 10, 2007


First of all, Joe Biddle of the Nashville Tennessean should be given an award for his article Saturday June 9. Y'all can read it by going to

My claws do not come out often but they are ready to scratch No. 7 off Michael Vick's uniform. For those who do not know who he is, he is a black quarterback of the Atlanta Falcon's NFL football team. The leader for the team. Children look up to.

Since he is black the race card is being played by his lawyers. HA. His alleged crime is DOG FIGHTING. That does not have anything to do about race just out and out cruelty. If 48 states consider dog fighting a felony what about the other two?

Where is Peta, people against animal cruelty, the media and Bob Barker? Oh, I forget the media is showing stupid antics of an even stupider white rich girl.

Why is DirtyRagz selling T-shirts on ebay featuring a pit bull with No 7 football in its mouth? It is called "Ron Mexico's Dirty Bird Dog Fighting" shirt and sells for $14.95. For those who bought this shirt, may your skin rub off.

When Michael Vick was tested for a sexually transmitted disease he did not sign his name but Ron Mexico. That my dumb football player makes you guilty. So why cry RACE. I hate it when someone hides behind their race.

I like football but I will not watch any Falcons game as long as he is a player. I urge all to boycott the game and him.

Our friend advised us that he heard that they throw the dogs in a pit and sometimes it takes over an hour for one to be killed or murdered. I get sick at my stomach just thinking there are such cruel humans in a so called civilized society.

The kitty justice would be to drop the people who are betting on such inhuman games in the pit and let them fight to the death. I vote for Michael Vick to be the first one dropped.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di tn ~~ Nice to meet you. I hate cruelty to animals too, any cruelty to children and even adults. There should be none of it. And betting on it is awful.
Thank you so much for your comments on my blog, glad you enjoyed what you read there. Glsd you liked Firman Ben and also Ten reasons Eve was created
I liked both myself. Take care, Di Cheers, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for visiting. Life is way toooo short to be cruel and I cannot wrap my brain around why some people continue the sad pathway.
Stay warm.

Corn Dog said...

I had not heard about this Lady Di. HORRIBLE! I just read up on it. I will boycout of course. It says he had 66 dogs with the intention of fighting. Hopefully he goes to jail.