Friday, June 22, 2007


When I got up and looked out this morning , I just had to share the morning sky with all of you.

Today was preserve making day on the hill. Mimi and I made 35 jars of preserves and a couple of left overs to put on our morning toast.

The blackberries are tame ones without the thorns and are easy to pick but those raspberries bushes you need a set of carhart overalls to pick them.

The thorns are like little tiny fish hooks and once they grab you they will not let go. Therefore, if you get a jar of raspberry preserves from me, I must really like you.

The Easter freeze got the cherries but we were lucky to have some left in the freezer so we intend to do Cherry Preserves next.

The Kitty Justice is that if you get a jar of preserves as a gift you are getting a little part of me without the FUZZ.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Boy, have you been busy. I love blackberry jam, but cannot pick any blackberries now as they are considered a noxious weed in Australia. When we were kids, many many years ago we used to pick them and my mother would make lovely jam.
Thanks for your comments. The story of Teddy was a good one. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Today Mimi and I made 27 jars of cherry preserves and I also baked 2 loaves of banana bread.
We have lots of wild blackberries but a few years ago I planted only 6 of the tame ones and the berries get as big as your thumb. I like the tame ones better because no thorns.
Why are the blackberries considered a noxious weed there?

Lee said...

Wacko! Just out of the shower and hungry for breakfast. Think I will go and make toast and rummage in the jam cupboard.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~Thanks for your comments
and I am sure your poem did the trick as I am nearly better- thanks again.
I think the wwild blackberries take
up too much farm land as they spread so much. I would love to try some tame ones. Don't you go trying any of those supermarket tips!!!
I am not likely to get tired of blogging as I enjoy it, and cannot do a lot else. I do lots of cooking meals, and my laundry, etc,
but gardening is out nowadays.
Thank you for your kind words. Take
care, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

That preserve sounds delicious! Hot scones and blackberry that would be great!

Great pics, Lady Di! Thanks for sharing. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

I think you would like the tame blackberries as you only need about six to get an abundance of fruit due to their size.

The left over blackberry preserves were eaten on old fashion white toast this morning. Yummy. Prince had to have cherries as they are his favorite.

Corn Dog said...

I can personally vouch that the cherry preserves are DEVINE!!! Lady Di makes THE BEST cherry preserves. I hate the freeze got them this year. I don't know what picture is prettier but I am leaning toward the preserves.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the compliment. We made 27 jars of Cherries on Saturday and we still have 10 cartons in the freezer. More preserves and a pie or two.
Also, we still have 9 raspberry cartons in the freezer. Prince said the raspberry patch is ready for pickin and the tame blackberries are huge. Sometime this week I will dress in my farmers gear, to prevent bug bites and check them out. But first the back has to become stronger.